Home Design With Different Natural Materials To Achieve Modern Ranch Appeal

Every one wishes to have comfortable and cozy home. The keys to have a dream home are not only in a term of organizing your goods and getting rid of clutter, but also home design. The architecture will give tremendous impact to a home. Consider to discuss in details for what you want to apply for your home to your designer.


See this amazing house with modern ranch that will make you swoon. There are key materials that used for building this home like corten steel, limestone, wood, polished concrete and others. You will enjoy staying at this home for summer holiday.


See this front yard that looks simple but fresh. There are trees, green grasses, and potted green plants in front of the door. With concrete stepping stone, this area will give us relaxing feel to boost our mood every day.


The entryway is designed elegantly with floating bench that affixed to a limestone wall. At this space, your guests can save their coat, jacket, and soon. Even the space under it can be used for storing their shoes as well.


Stepping into living room, we can see a limestone that used for fireplace. With a sofa and two brown chairs, this space looks neutral and cozy. Then, wood framed window make us attach more natural light. Look at the unique pendant lamp that real impressive.


The dining room is fresh with lime green chairs and a round wooden table. This space also provides us plenty of natural light from the glass window. Concrete flooring is nice idea to add warm touch.


We will see a modern cooking space behind the living room that looks sophisticated. The use of white tile and wooden material with black backsplash give us elegant design. Even the stools that made of metal look awesome too.


Master bedroom with large window creates a bright and airy room. The use of wooden floor with a dark rug gives us warmth. There is a reading nook near the glass window as well with white chair and a cute white pillow.


Seeing this master bathroom with two vanities and marble countertop is nice design. Then wooden drawers underneath seems nice. Then, wooden framed mirrors make this area brighter. Even, a glass window completes this decoration.