This New House Uses Old Materials But Looks Fabulous

Building a new house needs many things to consider. It is about the materials, design, furniture and everything between. Hopefully, the house building will be more durable if the materials are new. However, here we have a tremendous house design that built from old material. See further!

This new house uses old materials but look fabulous

Though the original building is already forgotten, but the materials are still there. See the bricks that used for façade. Then, the stones that used for landscape and the wood on this area are old material from the existing building.


This garden is located on one side of the house with various green plants. We can see the brick walls that work well with black beams and some string lights that will shine at night. Though this area use old materials but look stunning, isn’t it?


Stepping inside, there is a hallway which completed well with gallery. There are framed pictures on brick wall. The woods on the floor look already old but still strong and enchanting. The other side is filled with glass.


With double-height ceiling, this living space looks bright and airy. It designed well with white and glass materials. Look at the white floor-to-ceiling bookcase that truly amazing. The floor is made of old woods as well.


The dining space and kitchen are created in open layout. Even, the living room can be easily seen through this area. A rectangular table with chairs and pendants show about industrial touch. Then, the kitchen is designed in modern tone with white cabinet and sleek kitchen island.


Talking about outdoor space, there is a balcony area where the owner can see urban view. It completed with some potted green plants. The fence is black with railings to get safety outdoor area.


This house is completed with nursery room as well. The use of old woods for flooring style is nice and works well with any room decoration.  A big turquoise floor-to-ceiling bookcase that used for storage is brilliant.


Have we talked about the backyard? As you see at this picture that the owners use wooden floor for deck. Some green plants add natural touch and fresh air. A big terraced pool is built for the one who loves swimming.