This Small Apartment Has Creative Storage Solutions To Maximize The Floor Space

These days, people who live in a house with small print or small apartment still able to fit everything inside. The room of small apartment will not only comfortable but also functional. They can maximize the floor space as storage through the use of double functions furniture. It looks as great idea for the one who live in urban area.


This open layout apartment gives us fantastic room design where everything is fitted well without break up the style. See this mood room with black circle hooks that can be used for hanging your coat, bags, or jacket. There is a wooden shelve as well on the nook right behind the door.


After walking straight inside the room, we will directly see a modern minimalist kitchen with black cabinet. It has mirror backsplash that reflects the view in front of it. So, this space will look bright and airy.


Come to the main area of this apartment where the living space and bedroom are there. It has black sofa with pillows and blanket. Then, a cabinet with TV console and some shelves that functions as storage too. We will see two glass framed picture on the side wall too.


The platform bed also has storage underneath that can be used for storing clothes, tiny bag, or books. Or, it can for saving additional pillows and or bedding too. The drawers have eye-catching hardware that spruces the bed appearance.


Look at this unexpected storage under the floor! It is tiny but can be utilized for saving a small suitcase or bag or anything. It will not disturb the interior design. So, you can step along this space freely.


Even, a small space near the window can be functioned as storage too. Look at this vanity with long curved mirror and floating black cabinet.  The upper part of the vanity functions as desk while underneath as drawers.


This space is located opposite of the bed. The room looks larger by the existence of a big mirror on the wall. The space next to it is a closet with doors that can be closed when unused. So, it will not look too crowded.


This is a modern bathroom with symmetrical look. See the mirrors and vanities that look clean and sleek. The storage under the sink can be used for storing bathroom stuffs like shampoo, essentials, soap, and others. Even, it still has a space for towel storage too. The shower room uses glass door to keep this area clean, bright, airy, and look larger.