Interior Design

Home Design With A Focus On Music And Entertainment

Are you an art collector? Or just someone who loves art? It will be nice to have a home with art and music. A great home with arts and music room is nice. We will be entertained to boost our mood and make us feel relax. Here, we have a recommended contemporary house with a focus in art entertainment.


Look at the look of this house from outside that is interesting with white patterned tile. It combined with grey hue that makes this building cool and elegant. Though, it is a simple design, but modern with view windows.


The living area is filled with music icons that also looked artistic. White wall paired well with light color wood. The furniture seating set looks brilliant with dark sofa and a rectangular coffee table. Then, colorful area rugs that contrast add another focal interest.


The dining room has rustic touch through the use of wooden table. It also has white chairs for modern element. This room is large. So, the kitchen also located at this space. Skylights let more natural light comes freely.


White color wall make this space elegant and bright. There is a sophisticated fireplace with wooden door that make it hidden. The kitchen is nice with dark color cabinet with white countertop. The kitchen island with wood and white ceramic looked as perfect pairs.


From this space we go up through a beautiful staircase with glass railings. This space is truly modern with glass and metal. The concrete floor will let us feel warm. Even, the lighting fixtures on this space are minimalist but attractive too.


Surprisingly, it has a space for mini bar too. With dark color cabinet and white countertop, it looks modern and inviting. Grey floor comes to add warm and cozy room condition. The ceiling is filled with fantastic lighting fixtures.


Here it is the focal interest of this house. A room with music instruments and posters of music icons on the wall is pretty cool. For music enthusiast, this place is the most favorite one to spend most of the time.


The bedroom space is nice with wooden platform and headboard. There are various lighting fixtures on the wall for modern touches. Wooden flooring is applied for this space to look warm and cozy. Moreover, it has glass sliding door to access outdoor area.