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8 Most Recommended Tiny Balcony Home Office Decors To Inspire You

Utilize every inches of your house to be more functional space. If you have balcony area, try to use it as home office nook. What you need to install are a desk, a chair, and other accents. This spot is nice with view as well. Here, we have the ideas to create a small balcony home office.

A Cozy Balcony With Whitewashed Brick Walls


This is a cozy place to do you project at home. With a light wooden floor and wall, this space looks clean and warm. Then, a wooden desk used to put on your laptop or computer or anything for working project. Then, there are pendant lamps to give light at night.

Tiny Neutral Balcony


There is an open shelf to keep books, green plant, and other accents as you need. To have a great working and or studying time, the owner installs a tiny desk. The glass windows let natural light comes to brighten this area.

Ultra-Minimalist Home Office


This tiny balcony is used for home office nook with a large built-in shelving unit. A floating desk with unique table lamp will trigger our creativity. A modern white chair looks awesome to complete this nook decoration.

Stylish Home Office


When you want to have an elegant home office, this might be interesting for you. Look at this space with a floating desk and a large shelving unit over it that uses as storage as well. There is a floating white cabinet too. Then, a window sill with green plants looks nice.

Manly Home Office


If you are a man or someone who loves masculine tone, this is a recommended home office nook design for you. It is done with a narrow chest of drawers to save your book. Then, a small white desk and chair looked as a great pair. The brick clad wall adds different tone.

Manly Balcony Home Office


Here it is another manly home office design that may inspire you. It has a windowsill that used as a desk too. Then, a comfy chair let you enjoy working time with wonderful urban view outside.

An Industrial Home Office


The use of grey hue for the walls leads us to have a cool and neutral room. Then, dark window frames clearly shows us about traditional touch. Then, a faux brick wall tells us about industrial tone. With a floating desk and shelves, the space looks neat.

A Neutral Balcony Home Office


Seeing this home office design, we will directly notice that this is a girl home office nook. Look at the floating shelves that filled with beautiful candle holder and green plant. A white comfy chair gives elegant look. The use of grey table finishes this area with nice look.