Month: October 2019


A Stunning Terrace House With Bold Black And Wood Exterior

Terrace houses are popular for urban living. Due to the limitation of area, terrace house design seen as the solution for modern life. However, the material used to build this simple house needs to consider more. It will cause great impact to the design too. Usually, the architect will apply neutral color for modern house. Like this following terrace house design that may inspire you.


How To Style A Modern Home Design With Peaked Roof

Seeing modern house building, it usually comes with shed roof, a roof deck, and flat roof. Due to the home design that look simple, but it has modern touches here and there. Choosing the best roof style for a house needs to think deeply first. It deals with how save your house will be to defend for any season and weather. However, you need to consider your home style to combine with certain roof style.

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