A Unique Farmhouse Building With Rolling Sunshades That Truly Amazing

Farmhouses are usually built by using wooden materials. It doesn’t only about the wall, but also furniture items. However, you are free to combine farmhouse with other style too. See this house that built with combination of farmhouse and modern.


From the outside, this house design is looked like a white box. Since white used for original farmhouse, this building no need other efforts to show what its style is. With simple design, this house is minimalist and can be applied for urban area too. However, build it at low surface looks better.


Now, let us see the interior design of this unique farmhouse. Here it is a living room with built-in bookshelves for a sophisticated living room look. You can see a modern fireplace on it that looks futuristic. When the weather outside is cool, you can find warmer atmosphere here.


The architect also applies wonderful seating area in front of bookcase that can be functioned as reading nook too. There are four chairs with different shape and a unique table with hairpin legs. The wooden floor completes its look very well. With high ceiling, this space appears larger and bright.

A unique farmhouse building with rolling sunshades that truly amazing4

When we go up to the second floor, we will directly see a long built-in wood desk that functioned as home office. Though this is only a small hallway but looks brilliant. The architect still applies white wall and wooden floor for more natural sensation.


This farmhouse building provides a modern staircase with white railings. Surprisingly, you can see a seating area near the stairs. Two wooden chairs with black and brown wooden chairs look awesome with triangular wooden coffee table.


Do you want to see the bedroom look? Here we show you a simple bedroom completed by glass window with wooden frame. Every morning, you can afford more natural light while see the view outside.


See deeper at this part. The rolling sunshades let the owner gains more natural light every morning when opens the glass window. We can see this house interior design from outside but still with its privacy.


When the night comes, this house seems like shining on the dark. We think that white is the best color that makes this house felt cozy and chic. Overall, this is a perfect combination of modern and farmhouse style.