An Amazing Mediterranean-Inspired Home With Moroccan And Rustic Touches

A Mediterranean house usually comes with white color wall and earthy tone furniture items. When you want to install other feels to this house you need to consider what character that will be shown. Due to Mediterranean style work well with other theme, you can add Moroccan and rustic touches too.


White couch that paired with rustic table is nice idea to shows traditional feel. Dress up with some books, dried grass, and glass to beautify the table. Industrial floor lamps here are not only used for lighting but also decorative look. Then, see a classic framed picture over the seating that admirable.


From the living room, we can see outdoor view with seating area too. At this space the architect adds a Moroccan-inspired plasterwork. We usually call with tadelakt that shows us about Moroccan feel.


Then, when you come to the dining room, you will directly found rustic dining seating. Made of wood, the table and chairs looked as the major interest of this area. Pay attention to the glass windows that built floor-to-ceiling. It is truly great.


To create a comfy cooking space, we should consider the wall painting, lighting, and furniture items. This kitchen is designed to connect with indoor and outdoor space. A bay window kitchen, white kitchen island with industrial lighting concept, glass windows and door are in tremendous combination for a cozy cooking space.


Adding beach feel to this house master bedroom is easy. Try to build vertical shiplap wall in white color. Then, you may apply white bedding to get beachy feel. Further, add shabby blue seat to add rustic tone. Feel free to add rug or not.


Get relax at this bathroom with Mediterranean touches. Let see the unique bathtub that will make us feel like in spa room. Further a wooden caddy helps you to put on your shampoo, essentials, soap, and more. With lots of earthy color this space looks warmer.


On the other side of the bathroom, you can see a powder room that looks awesome with unique vanity. The owner also add woven baskets that functions as storage. A rectangular mirror stands on the table seems nice.


Have we talked about the reading nook? It seems great to add a certain area for reading. A corner of your bedroom next to the window is perfect spot. Install a rattan chair, a wooden log table with some flowers, and fur blanket to enliven the space.