A Beach Home Design With Modern Taste To Life With High-End Finishes

To design a beach home, you need to consider about the material used that usually uses wood and stone. After that, most of beachy home applies blue, white, and neutral color to remind us about the beauty of sea. Further, it comes with neutral tone which is fresh and clean. Like this house with amazing rooms inside.


See how this beach house chooses bold blues and greys to show beachy feeling. The couch in dark blue works well with brighter blue rug. The designer also applies blue and white throw pillows. There are two rounded coffee tables to complete.


Look at the staircases that show us a combination between traditional and modern hues. See the stairs made of wood and the railing that looks great with glass and metal. It designed well with floating style that looks so modern.


What makes us feel amazed of this beach house style is that how the designer located dining space by the doors. So, you will not only get a comfy place to eat your favorite meals but also see beautiful view outdoor. Even, the doors are made of glass too.


Now, think over about the room where your favorite meals cooked. Yes of course, it is about the kitchen design. Though this is a beach house, but the cooking space is done with stainless cabinets and appliances. It shows us about modern feel. Then, look how the walls appear awesome with mosaic pattern.


Pay attention deeper! This kitchen also provides you a fantastic view. From this kitchen, you can see a dining space that located near the glass door and beautiful garden.  This concept let us to get plenty lighting.


What about the bathroom? You will see a bathroom with striped wall, but it done with diagonal pattern. Black and white tiles let this room feel elegant. Then, see the vanity is designed well with round mirror and white countertop.


We come to one of the most important rooms at this house merely home office. If you work online or just want to finish your project at home, office nook might be interesting for you. Look at the combination of white and blue and grey in one room that totally gorgeous.


Last but not least, take a look at the master bedroom of this home that cozy and chic. See how blue and white works together to create a comfortable bedroom. There are various textures that enrich this bedroom artistic value.


This house also provides you a great view outdoor. See how a rectangular pool paired well with the deck with marvelous seating area. Eventually, this is like a hidden oasis.