Bedroom Ideas

8 Bedroom Designs With Printed Drapes That Will Inspire You

When you already feel bored with your bedroom look, try to upgrade its appearance. If you don’t have any time to paint the wall, change flooring style, or install new furniture, you can take a look at your drapes. You can replace your current drapes with the printed one. Then, consider your bedroom decoration to match with the printed drapes you want.

Printed Drapes For Traditional Bedroom


We recommend this simple bedroom for you. Let us see how the printed drapes have the same color and pattern with the pillows on the bed. Then, we admire the traditional chandelier that hung at the center of this bedroom too.

Printed Drapes For Glass Door


Feel free to apply printed drapes for glass door of your bedroom. Look at this bedroom with printed drapes that also apply the same color and pattern with side chair. The rest, this bedroom is filled with earthy color.

With Black Prints


This is a masculine bedroom that will make any men interested. See how black tufted bench works well with a pillow on the bed. Then black printed drapes come to finish this bedroom with cool touch but interesting.

Crazy Fancy Printed Drapes


Take a look at this bedroom with printed drapes and some pillows with the same pattern and color for a cohesive appearance. Two cowhides complete this bedroom design with modern touches. Then, a chair for you to spend leisure time is amazing too.

With Day And Night Drapes


If you are looking for teenage bedroom design, this is what you need. See how this bedroom appears fantastic with a big bench and some pillows with different patterns. Then, two drapes give you wonderful experience.

White Drapes And Skylight


When you wish to have a big bedroom look, try to adopt this design for your room. White or the shades of it will brighten up your bedroom space. Further, with skylight, the bedroom will look larger too.

Dark Flower Printed Drapes


A bedroom with shiplap wall looks simple but attractive. Moreover, this space is filled with black and white tone for classic look. The dark flower printed drapes complete its look very well without creates gloomy space.

Cream-Colored Bedroom


What a sweet bedroom design that anyone will dreamed for. See how this bedroom located near the lake which has glass window. You can see the view outside clearly. Then, floral printed drapes look calm but eye-catching.