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8 Cool Concrete Bathrooms That Modern And Sleek

When usually bathroom is made of tile or granite, here we have concrete bathroom designs. Concrete is lees price than other materials. Further, it comes with warmth to create more welcoming bathroom look. Concrete bathroom doesn’t mean that should be combined with traditional furniture, you can work with modern bathroom stuffs too.

With Beautiful Concrete Bathroom Tub


For the one who has small area for bathroom, using this concrete bathtub is nice idea. Continue to use concrete for wall backdrop as well. Further, the use of abstract flooring will add a touch of mysterious feeling but cool.

Concrete Bathroom With Plants


Concrete bathroom is about simple decoration, but you can spruce it up. Add some plants for getting fresh air and natural look. This bathroom is open to garden but with concrete walls to create privacy area.

Concrete And Tile Bathroom


There is a large bathtub that made of concrete that looks warm and welcoming. Furthermore, the floor is made of concrete as well but amazing. This bathroom also added by tile that used for countertop to beautify vanity look.

Concrete Bathroom Wall Tiles


Can you find concrete material at this space? The concrete walls are in a form of tile that will make this area warm and chic. Combine with wooden floor for more comfy bathroom space. Even, the skylight makes this area brighter.

Outdoor Bathroom With Concrete

Outdoor Bathroom With Concrete

This isn’t actually a real outdoor bathroom. But, the designer opens up the ceiling. So, the natural light comes easily for a brighter bathroom with concrete floors and walls. Even, there is a river stone that completes this space very well.

Modern Bathroom With Concrete Tub


This modern bathroom designed well by using concrete materials. Look at a big rectangular bathtub for wonderful experience. Then, the sink also has concrete tub under it. With mood lighting, you will never upset to copy this bathroom style.

Minimalistic Geometry Bathroom


What a cool bathroom is this. Look at the concrete wall that looks unfinished but awesome with shower. Then, the white bathtub covered by wood blends with wooden floor to gain warmer bathroom design. This space finished by the use of glass window for brighter look.

Sleek Bathroom With Concrete


Though this is a narrow bathroom, but you can build sleek design. See the concrete walls with wooden accents. There is a unique white bathtub and two sinks made of white tile.