How To Style Small Apartment To Look Flexible And Comfy For Any Season

It is not easy to style a small apartment for flexible space. When the weather starts to cool, we need a house, apartment, or condo that will give us warm feel. Afterwards, at summer we wish to have a home that makes us feel fresh and calm. So, we need to consider installing flexible furniture items and or applying apartment design.


When we see this apartment form outside, we will look at a simple building we will get surprise that this place has great interior design. White color makes this place appear bright and looked larger.


This space is a perfect spot to get more natural light at morning or seeing the view outside at night. The doors can be opened when the summer comes with its hot air. Then, it can be closed when the cold season already starts. This area is functioned as living space as well.


Look at this sleek kitchen that appears so bright and large with simple dining nook. Feel free to add some chairs if you want to ask your family or friends to have dinner with you. This small cooking space also can be hidden when you already done cooking.


This is our most favorite spot. Look at the bed that will make you take a rest better at night and day. A built-in bed looks more flexible to be used for sleeping or just sitting while doing your project at home. See the platform with airy shelves and a desk. This space will boost our mood with some green plants.


The shelves can be functioned as room divider as well. This furniture separates living space and sleeping area. Furthermore, the space looks bright and airy with some potted plants to look more natural. Feel free to keep some books as well.


Have we talked about kitchen? Surprisingly this area also has bathroom next to the cooking space. That’s a small bathroom that will not need large area. Just make sure that we apply lamps that make it bright.


We can change this space for anything. You can make living space, dining nook, reading nook, and so far. Luckily, when we’ve done with our activities here, it can be hidden again to let the apartment looks neat and clean.


Get back your spirit after seeing this amazing balcony. With glass door and skylight, this space looks bright, plenty of natural light, and airy. Install some potted green plants and furniture to complete its function.