A Modern Country House With Magnificent Countryside Views

You may have a dream to build a house near an ocean or sea or other bodies of water. It can be a place for you to spend holiday. Furthermore, you may want to enjoy fishing, swimming or other activities to refresh your mood. The house should be design to give you magnificent countryside views that real shooting.


The front yard of this house is filled with well-trimmed grasses. The designer creates amazing view with light to darker shade of grass. Then, we can see floor-to-ceiling glazed walls with huge sliding door to attain plenty of natural light. 


Stepping to the living room, you will see a simple room decor with grey sofa and white pillows. The owner adds a brown rug to look more stylish. Or, you may apply red wood carpet as well. A tripod floor lamp completes its look.


The designer of this interior builds living room, dining room, and kitchen in one large space. We love the utilization of lighting on the ceiling that real sophisticated. White and black bring this area to appear elegant and chic.


A modern dining set with a vase of flowers look gorgeous. Large glass wall let us attain plenty of natural light to gain an airy dining space. When you ask your guests to eat meals here, they will enjoy panoramic views outside as well.


Show your cooking talent at this modern and charming kitchen. Black appliance and other accessories create a sleek and neat cooking space for you. From this space, you can see the dining room and living room along with wonderful view outside.


The master bedroom applies white and brown color beautifully. With white mattress and pillows, this bedroom looks neat and elegant. Brown walls, rug, and blanket also create cohesive design. There are two table lamps that modern and attractive.


Gain more inspirations by working at this graceful home office room. The wooden shelves ad simple cabinets give you more storage. Then, the glass window let you and your clients enjoy the view. Add more artworks to add artistic value.


Enjoy the panorama of river outside while take a bath. Ceramic tile is used for covering a simple rectangle tub and powder area. The shower room is built with glassed frame walls. So, what are you waiting for? Will you build a house near lake or ocean?