This Modern Home Design Filled With Futuristic Accent

From the outside, we can see a beautiful and modern house with burgundy hues. Some trees are planted to add fresh look. Then, the interior designed also can be seen through the glass window. This home is designed with strong character.

This modern home design filled with futuristic accent 1

Continue our step and we will enter a foyer that make us can see beautiful view outside. There is a staircase as well that connects various floor levels of this home. See a gold bench with silver wall accents look awesome. There is a blue rug as well.


The powder room is located after foyer. With ombre color of soft pink and blue, this bathroom looks stylish. White lavatory and sink look chic and cozy. Then, a round mirror with frame reflects the light perfectly. And a vase of green plants add fresh atmosphere.


Look at this fantastic dining area with black round wooden table and brown chairs. After that, futuristic touch can be seen from the accents on the table. Even the pendant lamp is sophisticated with white color and unique shape.


Though the kitchen is in one location with dining room, but this cooking space stands out with tremendous statement. Neutral color cabinet with marble tile countertop looks sleek and neat. Furthermore, homemade tiles from ceramic fulfill this kitchen backsplash are mind-blowing. Even the lighting fixture is fantastic.


This is a functional living room with brown leather sofa and two pink armchairs. The wooden table is in a unique space that looks modern and cozy. When you have more leisure time at summer, you can read your favorite book here.


When we come to the master bedroom, there is a bed with green headboard. A glass table with wooden frame adds symmetrical style. Geometric patterned rug works well with the grey bed. Then, a comfy chair with faux fur throw pillow finishes this sleeping space beautifully.


Talk about home office, this area shows us about a comfy chair and an elegant dark wooden table. A table lamp and green plants on it looks fresh. The owner chooses the nook near glass window to attain bright and airy home office nook.


What do you think of this wonderful terrace? See the porch with cozy seating and modern rug with nice pattern. At the verandah, you can see two wooden logs that one functions as beautiful stool while the other as table with rustic touch. Then, wooden flooring adds natural tone.