How To Style A Modern Home Design With Peaked Roof

Seeing modern house building, it usually comes with shed roof, a roof deck, and flat roof. Due to the home design that look simple, but it has modern touches here and there. Choosing the best roof style for a house needs to think deeply first. It deals with how save your house will be to defend for any season and weather. However, you need to consider your home style to combine with certain roof style.


See this house with a peaked roof that combined well with modern style. Though usually, a modern home decor applies a flat roof, this house looks great with the modern material palette and expansive glass. If it necessary you can call professional roof repair for better installation. Moreover it has spacious rooms and clean with minimalist interior selections.


Look at a larger matte black pivoting door that leads this house with elegant touch. There are two glass window at each side that let natural shine comes easily for a healthier room. Feel free to add some green plants at the porch to add natural touches.


In a small nook, this home has simple living room with simple furniture but stylish as well. A brown sofa with stripped throw pillows, a triangle glass table and two modern chairs make this living room sleek and neat.


 Next to the living space, there is a nook for dining seating. With four metal chairs and round glass table, this space is nice. Modern pendant lamp looks awesome with industrial touch also finish this nook amazingly.


Near the foyer, a kitchen with modern design will make you swoon. It has dark wooden cabinet, a large white kitchen island and four stools for seating. The designer also installs a built-in pantry that can be hidden.


Come to the master bedroom, we will find a simple bed with grey duvet and an abstract painting over the headboard. It has floor-to-ceiling glass windows that let the natural shine come easily. And a nook with a chair and a table for reading finishes this room.


The master bathroom uses walk-in shower with glass doors. It also provides a white bathtub for the one who love spa-like bathroom. Filled with white tiles, this area looks bright and larger. The glass window adds brightness as well.


Another bathroom is built in a small space with a floating vanity, white lavatory, and a shower. Look at the sink with black marble tile countertop and a large mirror with two lights that simple but functional.