A Breezy Home Design On An Island For Relaxing Feel And Unforgettable

A house near a beach or by the beach will give us tremendous view that will relax our mind. Further, it will boost our mood after long week working at office. Spending time for a while at beach house will dramatically improve our spirit of life. Not everyone has a lucky to live by the beach. But, we need to consider this house design that inspiring. Look further!


The house has pretty amazing design. With a pool at front, you will directly feel the beauty of summer here. It has two floors with almost glass everywhere. The designer applies open concept home building. So, we can see the interior design from outside.


On the front of the home, you can enjoy the beauty design of stunning pool. It is completed well with lounge chairs on the deck. Spending summer time at this place will make you attain more natural shine. Luckily, a beautiful ocean is there.


Open plan living area will let you to see how beautiful the interior design as well as how wonderful the scenery outdoor. With wooden floor and white seating, this area looks bright, airy, clean, and neat. The natural light also comes easily. We can see the dining area and kitchen right after this living space.


See further, the designer applies tropical trees on the nooks. Besides white sofa, the designer also applies wooden chairs and soft cushions. A brown area rug completes its look. Even, there is a television for entertainment.


Look further on the dining area! There is a dining set with four chairs and a rectangular wooden table. Over the table, a white pendant hung to add modern touch and sophisticated feel.


The kitchen is nice, clean, and sleek. With white countertop and grey high-gloss cabinet, and some stools on the kitchen island, this cooking space is truly comfy.


Do you want to see further the master bedroom? It has tropical touches with green plants and neutral color tone. At the balcony, you can see a good view of the ocean. Don’t worry! It has glass railings for safety.


Enjoy the beauty of ocean through this bathroom. Get new experience everyday with white and wood here. This bathroom is totally comfortable for you who wish to get relaxing feel.