This House With Two-Storey Glass Volume That Could Maximize The Views Around

For sure, you may find various house building with glass. It might be an amazing designs that transparent and spacious appearance. Using glass will allow us to get wonderful view surroundings. Home with glass usually apply modern design for interior and exterior. Like this following home that has two floors to inspire us.


What a tremendous spot is this! An area with living room, dining room, and kitchen that unites in one place. However, it doesn’t look too crowded because of a large area and full glass surroundings. So, the natural shine and lighting can spread out easily.


If you feel hot, this home provides us a gorgeous pool design with rectangular shape. Enjoy your summer at this home to feel fresh. This house is great for a home that located in tropical place as well.


Since this is a transparent home design, it uses neutral color tone like grey, white, silver, and black. See the white sofa that adds elegant element and the black cabinet, and a silver floor lamp at this area for a touch of modern tone.


Whenever the owners of this house wish to have more privacy area, just pull down the white shades. So, they can attain a space that cannot be reached by the sunlight. Especially, when the weather outside already too hot and give bad impact.


As the dining room has white shades to hide from sunlight, this cooking space located in an area that free from sunlight at middle of the day. With black cabinet and countertop and backsplash, this kitchen looks elegant and inviting.


The master bedroom is designed with minimalist and modern style. Look at the white bed and a white chair that truly nice. The owners still can attach natural light from the glass walls but it has certain sides with concrete too.


We adore the bathroom with fantastic natural surroundings. At this room we get more than we wish about beautiful scenery, relaxing feel, and a place to boost our mood. No one will ever go out from this spot.


Pay attention more! Even it has unique bathtub design in white hue. Then, the shower with fall down concept is amazing. What a dreamy glass home, isn’t it?