A Modern One-Storey House With Basement That Truly Amazing

A modern house is designed with minimalist and simple touch but functional. We may adore a home with well-designed landscaping and an outdoor pool to get more relaxing time. Like this following home picture with amazing design for a young couple with children. It has both, function and aesthetic values. Check out further!


Look at this house building that simple but attractive. See the rectangular pool outside and white chairs on the deck that looked as a perfect outdoor for wonderful experience. This area will treat us gorgeous view at say and night.


With wooden deck, this area still keeps its modern touch. Then, the use of glass materials let it to attain more natural light and looks bright at night. With open concept home, we can see clearly the interior design for outside.


Stepping to the entryway you will see black railings with glass roofing. This area also designed well with green grasses and some pebbles that natural and fresh. For the one who loves modern entryway design, it may look interesting.


What about landscaping? See this area with wooden floor to enjoy afternoon time. Terraced planters also add wonderful view with green trees. Feel free to add other plants like flowers, cacti, or succulents as well.


The stair well that leads us to the basement is filled with wood and glass. If you need to have privacy time just pull down the shades on the window. But, this area is also can be used for spending leisure time with reading your favorite book.


What about the dining space? This room with exposed beams and brown shiplap ceiling look simple but mind-blowing. The chairs are in different colors but fit with rectangular wooden table on the center. Glass windows let this area bright and airy.


With this relaxing front decor, we will see a great panoramic view. Spending time here will attain both, tremendous interior design and fabulous scenery. The wooden materials used at this spot also give warmth.


At last, this modern home will give us a comfy feeling. The basement is filled with laundry room, storage rooms, heating boiler room, and the garage. The U-shape look tells us more about home design with high taste.