This Sophisticated Apartment Done In Black Hues But Truly Versatile

A home can be for anything. You can hold a party firth family, friends, or colleague. Moreover, it is a place to intimate dinner with spouse. So, it should be designed well.  Nowadays, a home doesn’t have to in neutral color. Some people love vibrant colors while others love to apply dark hues for their interior decoration.


The living room with dark hues here and there shows us about masculine room decoration. See the grey couch with some pillows that mostly in dark hues as well. Then, the wooden table is also done in dark color. A rug area completes its look very well.


With white walls, this living space also has built-in cabinet that functions as storage as well. It helps us to keep the room clean and neat. Furthermore, a beautiful framed picture hung on the wall adds aesthetic value. There is a large window as well to see the view outdoor.


When you want to know the cooking, take a look at this space. There are two stools on the kitchen island that can be used for dining area or breakfast nook. It is done with bright countertop and located bay window for attaining more natural light.


Let us see further on the kitchen design with black cabinet and marble countertop. Though this is a small cooking space, but looks masculine with the uses of dark color furniture items that combine with neutral color accent.


The dining space is done with bold blue walls that work well with dining seating. See the blue chairs and dark wooden table. The table is nice with modern touches. A bright brown area rug underneath looked nice for this room.


A simple master bedroom seen with rounded wall accent, and an upholstered bedroom with black headboard looks elegant. Then, a floating table can be used for keeping your accessories. Put on a table lamp for lighting.


Look at this nook with black cabinet and a beautiful artwork on the wall that eye-catching. See the window with storage on windowsill to help you save your goods. Apply any kinds of curtain but orange or red wood curtain looks better.


Overall, this home is design with masculine feels. It shouldn’t have to be for a man stay, woman can live at this home as well. What about you?