A Stunning Terrace House With Bold Black And Wood Exterior

Terrace houses are popular for urban living. Due to the limitation of area, terrace house design seen as the solution for modern life. However, the material used to build this simple house needs to consider more.  It will cause great impact to the design too. Usually, the architect will apply neutral color for modern house. Like this following terrace house design that may inspire you.


This house is built in two-storey style that looks nice for urban area. See the bold black and wood used for this exterior that directly tells us about modern touches. Though this home is small and simple but looks stunning as well.


Stepping more, we will see great sandstone walls with wood and black. Those combinations give various textures that update this space. No more words to say, this part already tells us about modern tone.


Who says that a small house cannot afford beautiful outdoor? This terrace house has a small grassy area that gives natural touch. Everyone will love to enjoy the beauty of green grass, blue sky, and smell the fresh air.


From the outside, you can see clearly windows with wood shutters. There is a bedroom for the owner to sleep while attaining more natural light when the shutters are opened. The owner can see the views around as well from this space.


When we continue our step inside, we will see an area that filled with living room, dining room, and cooking space. The owners decided to install built-in cabinet under the stairs that can be functioned as storage with TV console.


Now, we talk about the stairs design that is not only decorative but also functional. See the three steps before floating steps that have hidden storage. The floating steps are hung with strong handrails with modern design.


See this fantastic bedroom with curved wood ceilings. The white color walls make this sleeping space is easy to paired with any furniture items. This bedroom is great decor for kids with black and white color and a car toy on the side table.


Are you looking for where the bathroom is? Look at this attic space with white color for walls. The unique element comes from curved tile floor that also act as the focal interest from this bathroom. Then, the hidden lighting are awesome too.