Month: November 2019


An Amazing House With Wooden Exterior That Will Make Us Swoon

Some people use wood for interior, furniture, and exterior. It gives rustic touch but will be fit to contemporary building as well. However, wood will turn it’s appearance by time due to the canging of weather. So, we need to upgrade it to look freh again. It can not ne denied that a house with wooden exterior is truly amazing. As like as this following house design that may blow our mind. Let us see further!

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3 Smart Ways to Have Unlimited Storage Space in Your House

From Small apartment to large apartment, limited space of storage is become a big problem to make your house look neat. Many people use wide space to be used as storage to put all of their stuff. But do you know, there are some ways to have enough storage without having to use wide space? Here are 3 Ideas to have large storage without have to use wide spaces.

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15+ Easy Wall Art DIY Home Decor Ideas

Who says it is hard to get Art for your home decor? With this 15+Easy Wall Art DIY Home Decor Ideas, you will get plenty of inspiration to decorate your house. From your old picture to your children first art, all will be transformed into stylish DIY home decor for your home sweet home. Without further ado, here are 15+ Easy Wall Art DIY Home Decor Ideas.

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