A Railway House With Luxurious Features That Will Blow Our Mind

A railway house is usually designed for a single family. There are different materials that mixed and matched well for a gorgeous house look. The designer also applies various styles of furniture items. Then, the light reaches every part of this house easily. With naturally-ventilated space, the wind and light will pass through this house freely.


As seen on the picture above, the house is build with two levels. Some green plants grow well at the front yard. This area also filled with some pebbles to attain more natural view outside. Then, the exterior with white and other neutral colors look pretty stunning.


This comfortable and charming entry way is build with different materials. Look at the concrete stepping stones, wooden door, and the glass that seen from outdoor looked beautiful combination. Even, a large plant inside is pretty awesome.


A sophisticated living room is here with modern furniture items. See how a white couch and black wooden box that functions as coffee table are fabulous combination. Then, a long floating shelf with hidden storage underneath completes its look.


At this space, we will see a modern kitchen with white cabinet looks bright and airy. Then, the dining table complements with kitchen island countertop. At this area, there is a second living room that looks bright and airy.


This modern house is designed with spiral staircase to look more stylish. Going up to the loft with this staircase will give you a gorgeous experience.  This staircase is not only functional, but also decorative element.


From the living room, we can go down through this long staircase that made of woods. At the low level of this house there is a big potted green plant that can be seen through the upper level. Don’t worry, it still gain plenty of natural light as well.


‘We can see the whole interior design from upper level. Like this second living space with dark colored sofa. There are two armchairs to complete the seating. Even, a built-in cabinet with TV set for entertainment.


At the end, this wonderful railway house is built for a single family to stay. It has everything that the owners needs though only with small spacious. Look at this house appearance at night that truly amazing.