A Tremendous Apartment Interior Design With Copper Accents

Some people may want to add metal accents for their apartment, while others wish to install gold or silver. However, it is nice to add copper accents for apartment to look stylish. The copper color is unique and it gives big impact to an apartment interior design. Copper elements can be from lighting fixtures, wall accents, and soon.


An apartment usually has limited rooms. So, the owner and or designer choose to apply one area for some space. Like this area with living space, dining space, and kitchen space in one unity. The room is filled with white color walls.


The living room is done with white sofa, a round table, an abstract patterned rug, and a bookshelf on the wall. With a simple design, the designer adds unique elements in a form of lighting. A copper floor lamp looks beautiful to fill the space nest to the sofa.


Here, we will see tow sculptural copper pendant lights that will blow your guests mind. See how those lighting fixtures take a part as the focal interest. Moreover, a beautiful bowl also made of copper material that complete this dining space with unique centerpieces.


There is a built-in bookshelf on the wall that shows copper-lined. It creates fabulous impact that looked brighter with glamour touch. You will get back your good mood after spending time at this nook to read a motivational book.


Install green plant on the wall is perfectly nice. This is wall side with moss looks fresh and refreshing. With copper frame and a cute copper sculpture, this area will be the most favorite spot to take a picture.


Then, let us take a look at a sleek and modern cooking space at this house. See this spot with black cabinet.  We can see contemporary feel through the use of copper lighting over the sink, wall panels, and even the faucet.


A home office with grey wall color looks elegant, but the designer adds luxurious touch through the use of copper shelving and a table lamp. This space seen more beautiful and you will feel more spirit with simple copper touch on it.


This is a dreamy bedroom design that anybody wishes to have it soon. Look at the copper pipes on the walls that perfectly act as beautiful wall accents. Then, cool copper pendant lamp hang over the bed adds glorious touch. Even at the bathroom right after this sleeping space also with copper elements on the walls and faucet.