Cool Apartment Interior Design With Geometric Features

Following trends doesn’t have to avoid something unique. When an apartment has different style from nowadays, it shows personal touch. Some designers may work based on people demand. However, applying something unique for an apartment interior design is nice. It can be from the texture, accents, or even furniture items.


This room is designed with unfinished space. Since this are applies modern industrial style, it is filled with bold details here and there. The windows show us better sense with tremendous geometric patterns that give glimpses of the view toward the whole apartment design.


With open living and dining room, hopefully it will create a more welcoming feel. From the windows, we can see that this apartment provides us plenty shelves that can be used for saving books. There are industrial elements that complete this room appearance.


This reading nook is actually a part of living room. Look at the geometric cut-outs from the built-in cabinet! What do you think? Isn’t that beautiful style? This geometric pattern is truly nice as the door accent.


By applying open concept, the designer aims to create an apartment with kitchen, guest room, even a room for music that can be entered from two sides. This idea also allows the natural light come easily for a brighter location.


The kitchen is right behind the area of dining room. A fantastic window on the wall with wooden frame looks awesome. It is a spot where we can take some meals or beverages. In other words, it can be called as serving window.


This is the area of kitchen with white cabinet and some hanging plants on the wall. Then, see how the sink is located bay the geometric window. We can see the storage under the sink as well to keep kitchen equipment.


Stepping to the bedroom, we will directly see a great masterpiece of beautiful artwork on the wall. A big white flower comes to add artistic value for this simple bedroom. With wooden floor, wooden floor, and the bed that is made of wood as well, the wall art seen as the focal interest.


Looking for the bathroom? Don’t go too far. The bathroom is located inside bedroom with shower area. It is only separated by glass enclosure. So, we can see clearly the bathroom with white bathtub and simple hanging towel storage.