This Apartment With Industrial Elements That Once Is A Shoe Factory

Renovating an old building is not easy. There is historical value, old building, and new items that should be work in one unity. It happens with repurposing an old factory as well. So, the designer has to work hard to combine each element to design an apartment that comfortable to stay but still defense the historical tone.


Seeing this space, a mysterious tone suddenly comes. Look at the white color wall, concrete floor, and black box on it. The room is classic with black and white. Further, the area filled with plenty of natural light.


Coming to this space, we will remember about industrial era. Look at the movable wall screen that can be open or close as the owner needs. This area uses marble tile that looks mystical along with the black elements around.


Look inside the black box, there are plenty books. This box has some sides that can be used for different function.  The owner tries to use it for reading area, working at home place, or just a place to relax. Black is awesome and elegant as well.


The dining room is pretty sophisticated with black furniture items. See the black table with grey chairs. Then, black cabinet and black countertop with drawers underneath of the kitchen seen modern and sleek. Three bulbs over the dining table tell us more about industrial style.


We can see the living space that cool and comfy. With grey sofa, rectangular glass table, a floating shelf, and concrete floor, this area appears truly industrial. Then, we can see green plants outside from the glass window that so fresh and natural.


This side is about home office nook. With grey table and a metal chair, you can do your project here. Then, glass windows in front of it give you plenty of natural shine that make this space bright and airy.


What about the bedroom? With a touch of green color, this bedroom looks calm. When we see this area, we will directly want to take a rest. Look at the great lighting concept that makes the wall shining. An elegant cabinet with soft green color looks awesome.


At this space, we can call it as the second living space, we can read our favorite book. With plenty of natural light, the room doesn’t need lamp at night. However, feel free to add lantern at night for additional lighting.