Interior Design

A Lovely Modern Bohemian Style Interior Of A Flat To Inspire You

Living in a flat or apartment or condominium is actually limited with space. However, it doesn’t mean that we cannot apply our dreamy interior design. Decorating a dwelling with combining style and design is challenging and fun. Moreover, it will be fantastic if we can install various DIYs to the room. So, it has personal touch.


You will never guest that this amazing flat is once a warehouse. The owner installs modern bohemian style for better dwelling. Look at this open layout space that shows us living room, kitchen, dining room, study area, and a master bedroom. Let us see more!


There are different colors from furniture that filled this study area. Look at the wooden desk with storage underneath. A red armchair, a burgundy ottoman, and colorful rug come to add cheerful touches. It has plenty framed paintings as well.


This area is called as living room somehow, but you can say this is a family room or just a space for sitting. Look at the white bricks walls that show truly Boho chic. It combined with wooden furniture items. Then, some pillows with different texture and pattern.


The dining room is done with rectangular wooden table with bohemian centerpiece. There is a big blue vase with plant that mind-blowing. See the chairs that made of wood and rattan. Then, the lighting fixtures show industrial tone.


Then, here we have home office decoration with bohemian style. Look at the sputnik wall accent, white bricks wall, colorful curtain, and a great painting that perfectly combined. It has a wooden box at the center as well.


Seeing from the furniture and fragile items at this picture, we can directly notice that this is a part of kitchen. See the wooden storage and wooden table and the comfy chairs looked as comfy cooking space.


The sink is decorated in modern tone with white tile and white wall. It has metal sink and faucet that make this space clean and sleek. There is a big flower painting on the wall is nice and take a part as the major interest.


Here it is a stunning master bedroom that will blow our mind. See the bedding style which shows as tropical style. Then, the earthy color brick wall with some framed picture on the wall tells us about simple decoration. The, a comfy leather chair finishes this bedroom very well.