This Craftsman House Gets Modern Touch That Will Steal Your Attention

Craftsman house deals with natural material that use almost in every inch of the building. It comes with wood, stone, and steel that combined well. Though it has small area, but will give anything you need. Look at this craftsman that filled with modern furniture items as well.


The front yard is filled with various flowers and trees that look natural and fresh. There are stepping stone to porch. It designed with wooden seating. The door also made of glass and wood that looks nice.


The living room is done with modern touch. With wooden floor, white wall, and various furniture items, the living space looks comfy and cozy. A rug area with pattern make this space appears stylish. Glass windows make this area appear bright and airy.


After the living room, there are two hallways that lead us to go to different space. One for cooking space and dining room while one for going up to the bedroom. This are also applies white wall to look large and clean.


The owner decides to apply glass windows rather than backsplash for filling this kitchen decor with plenty of natural light. The white cabinet works well with stainless steel countertops. The rest, this space filled with wooden floor and cabinet.


Gain better life with healthy eating. The location of dining room is beside the windows. So, you will see the view outdoor and gain natural shine every morning. From this area you can see the location of bathroom and laundry room too.


Now, let us see the classic modern bathroom style with ceramic mosaic tiles. There is a shower room with glass door and a glass window as well. The vanity is done with modern touch as well. White color makes this bathroom brighter and larger.


This hallway leads us to see the stairs. With wooden staircase and white metal railings, this will bring us to go up at loft that filled with simple bedroom. There is a green pendant lamp that looks unique and chic.


Here it is this house backyard that will make us feel calm and relaxing. There a deck with wooden floor and wonderful seating area. With glass windows, this craftsman house looks modern.