A Modern Guest House That Once A 200-Year-Old Stable

You may never guess that some parts of this house are already 200 years old. The result, this house filled with the combination of old and new materials. Though it is a small building but look modern and rustic. The guest will never want to leave this guest house. There are some unique parts that mind blowing.


Coming inside of this guest house, there is an open layout room where the living room and dining room are in one location. Through this area, the view outside can be seen clearly. It has glass doors with wooden frame.


On this area, two modern chairs with a tiny rectangular table use for living space. It filled with Victorian area rug. Behind the seating, it has built-in cabinet or we can all it shelves that functions as storage and decorative element. Then over it, we can see built in shelves with exposed beams done with potted green plants and stuffs.


This space with concrete, white chalk plastered stone walls, and wooden ceiling from 200 years ago. However, the architect also injects electricity, sewage, and water for modern touch. The dining room is done with rectangular wooden table and chairs.


Look further, the wall is unique with some writings for aesthetic value. The black old ladder brings us to go up to see a simple loft that used for bedroom. Though it is only tiny loft but the bedroom done with modern touch that truly stunning and comfy.


Stepping down, we will see the kitchen area. The designer tries to combine modern and rustic tone as well for this cooking space. It can be seen through the utilization of dark wooden cabinet, Victorian area tug, and a bench.


See further! The kitchen backdrop is amazing with exposed hard rock that painted in neutral color. This space also has glass door to let natural light comes easily. The concrete floor and classic area rug paired well for rustic tone.


This bathroom is comfy with stone wall with a high window. Then, the vanity uses neutral color tile with a wooden desk for two sinks. Furthermore, the space underneath can be functioned as storage as well. Just put a wire basket for storing towels.


Luckily, it has beautiful tiny pool on backyard. While swimming, you can see beautiful view surroundings. This is a recommended place to spend holiday.