A Relaxed And Playful Family Beach House That Anyone Will Love

To have a modern house doesn’t have to build a new house. It can be a renovated house but added some new installations. It will save money as well. However, to renovate a house become modern style, it will deal with glass material. Like this family beach house that will inspire you.


Build a house near the beach needs to consider the materials, location, and style. Eventually, renovating is one option that comes as great solution. Like this area with modern tone that still has existing part of the original building.


From the outside of the house, we will see beautiful interior design because of the uses of glass material for door and windows. The combination of glass and wood here is perfect. The deck is completed with wooden floor with a white and black pillow.


This area is smoothed and sculpted from the original building. Look at the timber skin wrapping of the wall that works well with glass materials. Then, the diagonal patterned wall made of timber wood as well that real stunning.


Note this living room is one of recommended design that can be applied for any house style. The couch is done in white color that combined with bright wooden floor. Then, dark backdrop comes in contrast but takes as the major interest. Moreover, the skylight that continues to the wall is nice.


See the kitchen with bright timber for kitchen island that look modern. The white countertop works well with white cabinet too. Then, a yellow pendant light comes as the only one vibrant color that will become the focal point.


You know, the kitchen and living room is actually in one area. So, it is an open concept layout with glass materials here and there. The black cabinet with shelves looks contrast but give major impact to this room atmosphere.


The bathroom is done with modern touch. There is a vanity with round mirror hung on the wall. A green plant adds natural tone to this space. Though it is only a glimpse of whole design but already told as about wonderful bathroom design.


The owners shows a humble home design but truly eye-catching. With ark-style, this house appears charming without looked too simple or boring. So, will this house becomes one of your dreams lists?