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Simple Wallpaper Ideas for Your Amazing Bathroom Decoration

Decorating your bathroom can be very tricky to be done. From adding fresh plan, to use expensive furniture people will do their best in making their bathroom looks more gorgeous and pretty. Here we give 10 Simple Wallpaper Ideas for additional collection Bathroom Decoration you can do.

1 Small Pattern feat Large Pattern

Small feat large pattern

Obviously, wallpaper pattern can be combined with you bathroom’s floor pattern. By using small patter on the wall and larger pattern on the floor, it will create illusion of bigger space for your bathroom.

2 Black and White feat Pattern

Black and White feat pattern

Combining black and white color with some pattern in your wallpaper will be the best choice for you who love with Dark Color.

3 Tree Wallpaper

Tree Wallpaper

This Tree Wallpaper is not only give nuance of nature but also will give illusion of vertical space. Suitable for small bathroom.

4 Bold Wallpaper

Bold Wallpaper

Bold Wallpaper is very tricky when you want to use it, but it doesn’t mean you should avoid it. Just like above picture the owner use Bold Wallpaper and combining with white paint it create luxurious bathroom.

5 Botanical Wallpaper

Botanical Wallpaper

If you love flowers so much then you should try to use Botanical Wallpaper to decorate your bathroom. The owner of this picture use dark color botanical wallpaper with  a small fresh flower to make the bathroom feel fresh and have a chic look.

6 Kaleidoscope Wallpaper

Kaleidoscope Wallpaper

This wallpaper will make your bathroom feel roomier and at the same time it will also give your bathroom fun element alive.

7 Bug-Pattern Wallpaper

Bug-Pattern Wallpaper

Most of people hate bugs, but some also love bugs.Therefore, for you bugs lover you can try to use Bug-Pattern Wallpaper in your Bathroom if it can make you feel comfortable thought.

8 Country City Bathroom

Country City Bathroom

With the right combination of decoration, color and shape of wallpaper can create your own country-chic bathroom.

9 Blue Flower Petal Pattern

Blue Flower Petal

This wallpaper with blue flower petal pattern will make your bathroom feel fresh and looks more beautiful.

10 Funky Robot Wallpaper

funky robot wallpaper

This funky robot wallpaper is one of the best choices for your children’s bathroom. Because it will make them feel comfortable and increase their creativity.

How about you? Let me know in comment section below if you have some amazing ideas for bathroom decoration.