A Modern House With Traditional Greek Architecture To Inspire You

Talking about Greece architecture, it will deal white stones house, straight lines, and curvy features. It will also apply glass windows or doors to gain brighter look. Then, it has green plants such as palm trees, green grass, and soon. Furthermore, we will see a house design with modern style but also has traditional Greek architecture.


Here it is a modern house with straight line and large windows. The designer applies white hues for all over the walls that make this home elegant and neat. Glass windows make the owner can see the beautiful view outside easily.


As like as the exterior hues, the interior also applies white for the walls that combine with grey cement flooring. Like this living room with shades of white sofa, a cute pink ottoman and a simple black round table. There is a fire place and drawers next to it. Further, Greek touches shows by two golden stools.


The dining room with rectangular wooden table with beautiful white metal chairs. This space also filled with glass windows to attain plenty of natural light. This area also filled with kitchen space with white cabinet too.


This is not the part of hallway, but looks elegant with built-in cabinet with wooden doors. It has white tile at the top of it that looks clean and sleek. Put on some green plants for beautiful accent. The railings behind it looked as a great backdrop.


Here it is the look of staircase that leads us to go up to the second floor. It designed well with grey tile for a touch of calm but stylish. From this space we can get a glimpse of the bathroom too.


Then, the bathroom is done with grey cement flooring with white walls as well. The vanity is done with white tile and two sinks. The faucet is in metal touch that looks nice and modern. A rectangular long mirror hung perfectly.


Like other rooms, the bedroom is also done with white hues. With simple white platform bed, this area looks larger.  A comfy chair beside the door is a perfect spot to read our favorite book. Moreover, it has direct access to go outside from the glass door.


Look at the wooden table used at this dining outdoor area. Spending time during afternoon at this space white having warm conversation with family or friends will be nice.


Have talk about the terrace? It is done with white seating with grey cement flooring too. What make this space looks awesome is that the existence of a tree at the center.