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Peculiar Christmas Trees To Enlighten Your Holiday At Home With Personal Touch

Gain a better Christmas holiday by decorating your home with more personal touches. One of the must-have element for Christmas is, of course, Christmas trees. Since there are a lot of Christmas trees all around, you need to install unique Christmas trees for your own. Just install peculiar tree toppers. Check out further!

Handmade Wire Topper


Whether you want to use a white, black, copper, silver, and gold topper for your Christmas. Just make sure you do it creatively. It can be in terms of a more personalized way such as your name, your spouse’s name, family name, or kids.

A Beveled Glass Star


Install something unique into your Christmas tree should not take much budget. See this beveled glass star that is under $100. Glass will not only make your tree looked more elegant but also in modern decoration.

Hand-Sewn Topper


If you love a dog, you may get many inspirations from it. Create a hand-sewn dog and put it on the top of your Christmas tree. Sure, it will look perfectly awesome and personal. No one has that kind of dog as like as yours.

With Hat Tree Topper


Are you a fan of Harry Potter? This Christmas tree might inspire you to have a similar tree decoration this year. Look at the black hat that in contrast with whole decoration in which with colorful touches.

Topper From The 1970s


Do you think that this topper will cost a million bucks? Actually, it is only $17. This budget-friendly tree topper will give your tree a luxurious element since it looks like made of gold. Isn’t it looked awesome?

Snowman Top Hat Tree Topper


This Christmas tree works best for modern home decoration. All-white trees remind us about the holy Christmas with all of magics. Even, you still able to add other elements like bell, bulb, garland, or others.

Animated Tree Topper


If you want to add an amusing and entertaining Christmas tree, inject this animated tree topper. It circles around the top of the tree and looks magic. The Santa and deers are all you need to have fun this holiday.

With Super Mario Bros


It doesn’t have to in gold and or silver stars for Christmas trees. Super Mario Bros will directly change a Christmas tree to look more welcoming. There are various colors to use, but yellow is attractive.