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8 Most Favorite Christmas Staircase Decorations To Spread Holiday Cheer

We are ready to welcome seasons in various special ways. Decorating home with certain tone will be fun as well. This is one of the ways to celebrate winter, especially for Christmas. Some of us might utilize every single space of our home with full festive treatment. It can be windows, mantel, or we can try to decorate the staircase. Scroll down and find more inspiring ideas below!

Hang Stockings


Add chic holiday accent to your staircase doesn’t have to take much money. This staircase looks awesome with stockings that hang on its railings. Choose your most favorite stockings or you may take various colors as well.

Incorporate A Bold Ribbon


Combine a bold ribbon with garland and hang them on the railings. You are free to add lighting and pinecone as well. Decorate stairs with different color will make it looks cheerful and festive. Why don’t you try?

With Needle Pine Garland


If you want to attain much fuller and get a subtly unique twist fro your staircase decoration, use neede pine garland. It will dramatically change your home into a more festive look. Add ribbon, lights, and greenery too.

A Simple Knit Stocking


It might be more interesting to add a simple knit stocking at the end of the banster. It looks unique and more personal. Feel free to fill the stocking with anything you have such as bright colored ball, gift, or more.

Add Marquee Lights


What a really attractive design is this! Look at the garland on the railings with a checkered ribbon that truly enchanting. It combines well with a potted green plant at the end of the staircase. Then, the Marquee lights looked very gorgeous.

With A Light-Up Garland


If you love a more traditional decoration, you may use a light-up garland for your staircase. It looked simple but stunning. We love the red pots with flowers at the end of the staircase as well. Overall, this is a truly calm decoration.

With Warm Pillar Candles


This decoration works well for the outdoor staircase. The use of pillar candles is not only decorative but also functional. This area looks brighter and more beautiful at night. You don’t have to fill all the steps with candles, but make it more aesthetic.

Presents On The Steps


It will be nice to add gifts as Christmas decoration. Look at this idea of using gifts on the steps to make the staircase looked decorative. Feel free to combine with other accents like garland, string lights, or more.