Exterior Ideas

Must-Have Christmas Lights To Transform Your Home Into The Winter Wonderland

The key attaining a postcard-perfect Christmas scene is outside Christmas lights. These lights can be stuffed in bushes and or trees. Started from classics to modern lighting fixtures, they will enlighten up your outdoor all night long. You may choose one light style or combine one and other lights to look more cheerful. So, check out these following Christmas lights that you need to by as soon as possible!

Fold-Flat Star Light


With durable polypropylene material, this lighting could be displayed all year long. When it is not used anymore, you can store it easily because of its shape that folds flat. It will upgrade your outdoor decoration this Christmas.

Snowflake Icicle Lights


With a flurry-themed version, this lighting could be applied for many home styles. No matter whether traditional, modern, contemporary, Scandinavian or even Bohemian home. The snowflake with white light will keep your outdoor brighter all night long.

Twinkle Star String Lights


These amazing string lights work well for the porch or balcony. This lighting style will not only go pretty for Christmas, but you can also try to apply this all year long. Install other modes like twinkle and slow fade, or others.

Garden Laser Light


You can attain thousands of green and red twinkles without many efforts. This modern lighting style only asks a single laser and you will have amazing lighting. Furthermore, you are pleased to control the light just inside your home.

LED Snowflake


No need ladder to create this sophisticated lighting for this Christmas. It just an LED snowflake projector light that truly awesome. Feel free to change the color scheme or lights with remote control.

Solar-Powered Lights


Another modern lighting style comes from these solar-powered lights that also can be used all year long. The shape looks like a tree with its sparkle to shine at night. Put it in a sunny spot and you will gain brighter lighting.

Old-Fashioned Christmas Lights


It seems like an old-fashion Christmas light but already upgraded in a new version. This lighting has the power to twinkle. Furthermore, it also has a flash and shows six other light modes that will beautify your outdoor area.

LED Multicolor Ball


What about this multicolor ball? If you want to have colorful lighting for your garden, try this. With battery-operated option, this LED can go anywhere as you wish. It doesn’t need extension cords as well.