Interior Design

Ingenious Ways To Decorate A Non-Working Fireplace On The Living Room

When a fireplace is not used, we need to decorate it for other purposes. It will always the focal interest of a living room with attractive decoration. Feel free to decorate your fireplace to look more attractive. It doesn’t have to be with wooden logs, you can try plants, prints, or more.  Even, you can install some candles, vase, and or mirrors to complete the decoration.

Functions As Shelve Books


A fireplace can be repurposed as a shelf book. Put on your magazines, paperbacks, or other similar items on the fireplace as the picture shows. It will be better for us to repaint the frame and bricks to look more enchanting.

To Hide The TV


You might be questioning what the purpose of this fireplace when not in use anymore. Look closer, it is decorated well with artistic elements. The wood doors cover the TV screen and hand-paintings in front of it give artistic values.

With Pile Birch Logs


A fireplace without fire also works well with pile birch logs. It adds a rustic touch to your living room decoration. The logs looked decorative for the fireplace. Why don’t you try the same way for your own fireplace?

Install Tall Branches


Add visual interest to your fireplace with tall branches. Place them on a glass vase to look elegant. These natural elements upgrade your fireplace to appear fresh and inviting. Sva some logs on the fireplace to keep it cheer up.

Add Neutral Accessories


Spruce up your unused fireplace with neutral accessories. It can be in terms of printed portraits or paintings. Neutral elements will work well for every decoration. The fireplace with dark items looked mysterious but awesome.

Assortment Of Fresh Flowers


Let the living room appears fresher by some plants on the top of the fireplace. When nothing to do to the fireplace, you can decorate the mantel with flowers, greenery, or cacti. We love the mini pitchers as well. Aren’t they beautiful?

Make It Black


When the walls are in white, paint the fireplace in black. So, it looks in contrast but truly enchanting. Add various framed arts on the top of it to add artistic values. The arts accentuate this living space to look ingenious.

Create A Cozy Nook


Rather than unused, the fireplace can be decorated as more functional space. Look at this decoration with hardy housplants that pictareque. A cozy butterfly chair looked like a comfortable spot to sit while enjoying the beauty of the outdoor view.