Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom With A Wrap-Around Wood Accent For A Warm Glow Feeling

A bedroom is a place where we spend more time. Here we cry, laugh, scream even mad. Hopefully, we will get a better rest at this space. It is a must to have a bedroom that is comfortable and chic. Then, every single thing in the bedroom should be considered well. Started from the wall’s color, lighting fixtures, platform bed, wall accent, and more. In this article, we will talk about a bedroom that is not only comfy but also elegant with a wrap-around accent. Check out!

Bedroom with a wrap-around wood accent for a warm glow feeling 1

This bedroom looks large because of the white walls. The designer applies a white color for the ceiling too. There is a floor-to-ceiling mirror on the cabinet that reflects the light. So, this bedroom will always bright and airy. Rather than applying white tiles for flooring, the designer chooses concrete for a warmer room atmosphere. For the one who loves a modern and elegant bedroom design, this bedroom might be inspiring.

Bedroom with a wrap-around wood accent for a warm glow feeling 2

We love the wood accent that brings a natural element to the bedroom. The wood acts as the headboard that truly chic. It breaks the white tone. The wood is in between a white cabinet and a white tile shelf. What makes this space looks sophisticated is the hidden lighting between the cabinet to the right of the bed that adds a soft glow. With this lighting, we can see clearly the objects on the shelf too.

Bedroom with a wrap-around wood accent for a warm glow feeling 3

Overall, this bedroom is nice for sleeping, reading, or just listening to music. We love the metallic sculptures on the white cabinet that add glamour touches for this bedroom. Further, those are painted in gold hues. There are minimalist pendants lights on either side of the bed to make this bedroom lighter at night. We love the bedding style with shades of white or you can use light grey that calm and relaxing. What a cool bedroom design is this!