Bedroom Ideas

Playful And Storage-Friendly Kids’ Beds For Small Space Bedrooms

Decorate kid’s room need many things to consider. It is not only about the color of the wall but also furniture items. Kids’ have many toys, books, and other crafts that should be organized well in certain storage that can be reached easily whenever they want to see. One of the most recommended solutions to add more storage spaces for kids’ rooms is installing storage-friendly kids’ beds. Check out our lists below that will inspire you!

White Metal In Built-Bunk-Bed With Desk


The kids’ need a more spacious bedroom to grow. They should have a room that makes them easy to move. This white metal bed with full-length workspace underneath looks awesome. With its neutral colors, this loft bed can be used for boys and girls.

Wooden Platform Kids’ Bed With Storage


Look at this bedroom that made for the kids who scared of heights. It has shelves on the side to keep books, toys, crafts or shoes. The white particleboard that laminated is strong enough. So, they don’t have to worry about its strength. There are plenty of storage spaces under the mattress as well.

Girls’ Bed White Trundle With Drawers


If you have two daughters, this bed may look best. If they have to share a room, installing this bed with drawers is a nice idea. The first drawer is for keeping the second bed. Then, the second one functioned to save tiny pieces.

Loft Bed With Storage For Kids

Loft bed with storage for kids

Kids’ room is not just for sleeping. They tend to keep everything on it like nappies, clothes, accessories, and many toys. So, having a loft bed with storage space is a nice idea. The more drawers, the better. Your little girl will love this sweet loft bed because it has a cute pink color.

Wood And Navy Kids Beds With Storage


This one-piece like bedroom will make your kids’ have a great adventure. The navy color looks awesome for a loft bed with storage and workspace area. Sleeping in this loft bed will feel like in a ship. This loft bed will be great for boys but the girls will love it too.