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Affordable Flooring Ideas – 3 Best Flooring Ideas for The Kitchen

When talking about flooring renovation, you might think about how big the budget you are going to spend. Moreover, if you already tackle the flooring installation, you can not go back—unless you want to handle another big renovation. Of course, you don’t want to do it too often.

However, do not think too long when you want to transform your kitchen flooring. Several ideas below will inspire you to choose the kitchen base as soon as possible. We gather up some best ideas to remodel your kitchen into a lovable space.

Luxurious Plank

Wood plank is the flooring most people want to feature at their home, including the kitchen. This material possesses a cool surface, does not easily scratch, and presents the ultimate luxury to the room. Wooden flooring also suits any home theme and shade; that is why it costs high at the market.

Vinyl is a solution for those who intend to present the charm flooring without spending too much budget. Vinyl flooring now comes as the wooden plank imitation. It might not be as sturdy as the authentic wood, but the wood vinyl creates the lavish atmosphere you intend to have.

The thing you must concern when choosing the vinyl flooring is that it is easily gouged.

Plank wood flooring is at the top of many kitchen remodeling wish lists. Combined with pale white wall paint, this kitchen looks cozy.
One of the most popular species is white oak, a classic, durable and widely available wood.
If you have oak doors, oak flooring is a natural choice.
Most hardwood floors today have a clear polyurethane finish that protects against moisture, wear and stains.
Opting for an engineered eight-inch wide white oak floor and a quarter sawn, will maximize the height of the ceiling in this kitchen.

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If you like the wood color of your kitchen cabinets and want to use that color, consider choosing a similar wood color for your plank flooring.

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Use engineered wide plank flooring. This is a very important point when a wide plank floor is installed.
If you are installing a solid wide plank floor, your choice of finish will also affect your overall choice of water resistance.
Prevention is the best defense against moisture-related problems in your hardwood floors.

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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the most rational choice in the affordable kitchen flooring option. You don’t have to measure the floor size or purchase material in the big amount. All you require is just a can of laminated paint.

Dab the paint to get a waterproof flooring, allowing it to dry. No high construction level is needed when you do this project. You can even brush the paint on concrete flooring.

Taking a peek inside this kitchen you’ll find a light vintage feel that is topped off nicely with laminate flooring sheets.
Both chic and feminine, this kitchen is full of shining and charming style. And that’s because of the white cabinets and the choice of light wood laminate flooring.
Inside this kitchen you will find a sleek and modern elegance awaiting you. And you’ll also find one of the more unique laminate options.
With less space, try a design that adds extra interest. Like the chevron design you see here and the simple laminate floor.
Here you’ll find beautiful examples of how a more naturally colored laminate floor can fill a room so well. Even in more masculine urban designs.

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Provided in a fitted plank for easy installation, laminate is a great alternative to wood and stone if your budget is tight.
Make sure you choose a laminate that is suitable for kitchen use as some are not suitable in humid environments.

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If you add cushioning underneath, it’s a soft and ergonomic flooring solution. Easy to install and available in a variety of styles, laminate flooring is a simple and modern solution for kitchen flooring.

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Stone Flooring

If your kitchen is a heavy traffic place, you can consider the stone as the flooring. Stone is durable and won’t easily be scratched.

Stone flooring takes time and effort to install. However, it is worth it. You don’t have to take more renovation soon.

Natural materials like stone are always a popular choice and give this kitchen scheme an authenticity.
Here, limestone flags have been laid out in various sizes for a relaxed look to suit the farmhouse unit and table style.

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Stone floors can be a choice of kitchen floor ideas combined with an aluminum kitchen island. The beige walls define the calm and understated look of the kitchen.

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Traditional stone floors are generally made from larger, more durable pieces of natural stone. Every kitchen floor tile will be unique with natural markings and textures.

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Old world charm is carried over to a modern rustic kitchen with stone walls and floors. Modern furniture mingles without being stiff.
The soothing stone floor color of this kitchen perfectly compensates for the wood cabinets and stone walls.

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Those floorings are great performers at home. Pick the right flooring, and don’t forget to check whether it suits your budget or not.