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Amuse Your Kids with These 25 Bedroom Ideas

The day has come when your children are ready to sleep alone and get more privacy. A thematic bedroom will please them, so you can try to combine any epic movie theme, fairy tales decoration, and the backdrops of some tourism places.

Some kids’ bedroom ideas have wonderful concepts. They are ready to take your children to the adventure somewhere else. Therefore, get inspired by these ideas and make their dreams come true:

World’s Map

Nothing is more awesome from the children’s world rather than their imagination. Let them explore it through the world map as the wall painting at home. This realistic painting gives a vibrant nuance for the children’s room, and it can be functioned as the media for learning geography.

If you don’t want to spend too much time painting, you might think about wall decal ideas. There are many world’s map walls decal in good quality and come in various shades.

This boy’s room welcomes bright, earthy colors with the help of a dry erase map that doubles as a wallpaper.

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A dreamy bedroom painted in white and blue. The large map on the wall became the focal point in the bedroom.
Regardless of the purpose, make sure the maps in the child’s bedroom are printed on high-quality paper and, if necessary, add an extra plastic cover to protect them.
Be prepared to sacrifice the walls in their rooms for a colorful map that will show them before them the amazing diversity of our planet.
This boy’s bedroom is transformed into a playground with maps, world rugs and Earth Globes.

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Using a palette of more than three colors will add incredible depth to your child’s bedroom. The map on the wall adds to the room decoration even more.

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The world map, outdoor tents and decorations in this boy’s room are very interesting. With a matching color palette, this room feels very comfortable.

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The Bohemian Style

Who said kids could not have a bohemian decor? A custom built-in wooden bunk beds with pastel color can be the point of interest in this warm kid’s bedroom. Opt for furniture that has a playful vibe and is also useful to accommodate more than one child. This bedroom will suit them until they grow up into a teenager.

To enhance more ethnic nuance, you can also hang a wind chime and stick some bohemian wall decors. You kids will love this soothing vibe.

This room captures the vibrant colors of the Arizona desert at sunset. The lining walls, wooden floors, and neutral curtains ensure that the space will grow up with your boy.
This bohemian-style room is based on a cool, contemporary-style floral-inspired rug.
Washed hardwood floors adorn this modern bohemian look in a teen bedroom. Tons of textures give the entire space a handcrafted feel.
A black bed frame and white blanket make a great combination in this boy’s room, promising to grow up with teenagers even into college.
A modern loft bed creates more space for play, while a traditional rug provides a bohemian vibe and also provides softness under the feet.
Add a bohemian style with a colorful patterned bed for a more artistic look.
Bright and colorful patterns layered in boho style in this youth room twin bed. A soft sheepskin rug is a treat for bare toes.

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Soft furnishings like pillows and poufs are a nice touch in a children’s room. For a boho vibe choose a Turkish pattern, indigo, or mud cloth on the pillow.
Adds a natural element to the interior design of an inspiring and comfortable children’s room.

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Vintage Meets Modern

There are many possibilities for designing a bedroom for kids; one of them is the combination between the past and the future. You can have a space-themed wall painting and rustic cabinets for your kids’ bedroom, for instance.

Add more accessories to create more playful nuances in the bedroom, for example, pillows with a stars case and a planet’s lamp projector. Decorating the bedroom this way is a piece of cake, but the result is jaw-dropping that your children will love to be there any time.

Old suitcases double as great decoration and toy storage space.
Wooden cabinets offer plenty of storage space, and a pint-sized table is perfect for completing homework.
An antique luggage stand for the bedside table, offers ample storage.
This home extends its rustic theme to the toddler bedroom, with vintage bedding in dark green.
Create a paint-by-number gallery wall inspired by nature. Together with burled wood lamps and textured bedding, this room is full of art.

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If your child craves variety and can’t get enough of a color, browse flea markets for the best pieces of worn pastels.
The red retro study desk and iron bed bring out a color palette that gives the room a one-of-a-kind style that feels welcoming, childish and cheerful.
This particular bedroom combines mint and white, which creates a retro color palette and sets the standard for the entire room.
If you want to go on your vintage nursery expedition, make sure you have some classic vintage toys to show off.

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To please your kids, you can ask them to join this bedroom decorating activity. Of course, they will love that activity, and they will be happy when seeing the result!