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Create a Stunning Atmosphere with 3 Unique Wall Treatment

A home transformation can be started from a wall treatment. This part is a center of attention, and it can make your house stand out more.

Get creative with the wall covering ideas and see how it might improve the atmosphere at home:

Natural Stones

Not only on the outside, but the natural texture also has a place inside the house. Its inviting atmosphere will make your wall more stunning and artsy. Natural stones also come in various kinds and colors, giving you many possibilities to explore the ideas of home treatment.

For a bold look, opt for darker stones. Meanwhile, if you desire a welcoming ambiance at home, you might prefer more vibrant shades. Bright natural stones are the best accent to a sunroom. Imagine when the sunlight hit their surface just like a paradise.

Exposed stone walls in unusual places, such as in a children’s room, are a very creative and bold design decision.
Large stones of different sizes and shapes will suit both a rustic interior and a country style.
If you want to decorate a large area or an entire wall consider using different types of stones, they will add dynamism and interest.
Stone walls are always a good decision for decorating a fireplace, a timeless natural focal point.

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A beautiful rustic bedroom with stone walls has a masculine feel to the entire space.
Natural peasant natural stone is beautifully stacked to create a lovely bedroom accent wall.
Rustic modern bedrooms with exposed wood beams and stone and mortar walls.
A fireplace in a bedroom clearly offers advantages that go beyond aesthetics, and a simple stone fireplace brings the allure of stone to a room without being completely committed.
Small bedrooms keep decor simple and organized. The stone walls create a warm, natural atmosphere.
The bedside table brings symmetry to this contemporary bedroom with stone walls.
Contemporary bedroom with limestone bed headboard, stone walls and wooden ceiling.

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Brick Wall

Brick wall creates a quite enjoyable mountain retreat atmosphere. It will blend so well with wood flooring or wood vinyl flooring. For other flooring materials such as marble or tiles, the brick wall will bring a contrast which can be a unique statement.

Adorn the brick wall with some vintage wall decor to add the bohemian or industrialist atmosphere right in your house.

The modern living room combines brick walls with contemporary shelves in fresh white.
A classic red brick wall also looks like home in a contemporary living room where the rest of the interior is neutral and uncluttered.
Colorful sofas in blue, rugs, and luxurious chairs bring this exposed brick living room to life.
This contemporary living room with a dashing exposed brick wall with this understated design can be one of inspiration.
Natural wood and painted brick walls create a lovely contrast in a relaxed living room.
Chic Scandinavian living room with a feminine vibe. The brick walls and wooden floors complement each other for a slightly rustic feel.
Beautiful bright industrial loft living room. This approach allows brick wall accents to make a bold visual statement.
This house has a creative way to accentuate the curved brick wall in the living room.

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Wood Accent

Recycle some unused wood pallets and place them to all the parts of the wall. Before you do the project, you might sand the wood to get a softer surface and paint it to get the darker hue.

Even though it takes effort to install on the wall, however, the result will amuse you. It brings the rustic texture. Besides, the wood is flawless to evoke a soothing atmosphere in the living room.

The bright and shiny flooring like white tiles will make a contrasting effect to this bold wall accent.

A wooden living room accent wall is a great way to bring both visual contrast and texture without drastically changing the style, existing color scheme or theme of the space.
A wood accent wall is an easy way to add warmth, texture, and interest to a space, and it’s easy to do on a budget.
A gorgeous wood accent wall can offer more than just textural contrast in a contemporary interior dominated by a polished finish.
Minimal wood accent walls let the wood’s natural elegance shine through. The more neutral the living room is, the greater the impact of this wooden composition.

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A wood accent wall doesn’t always have to be one of the pre-existing walls in the living room.
Recycled wood on almost all wall surfaces in this room adds texture, warmth and beauty.
Reclaimed barn wood or old planks of attic given a new lease on life may not always match the aesthetic of contemporary lifestyles.
Reclaimed wood adds a layer of richness to the interior when compared to newer wood surfaces and you can also find quality wood in old discarded pieces.
A dark wood painted accent wall in this monochrome bedroom brings out a bit of a modern vibe and visually expands the room.
There’s something fun and classic about this bedroom with a wood accent wall.

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Now, what are you waiting for? Start to add the wall treatment to your renovation list and make a new vibe at your house.