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27 Useful Home Decor Basket Ideas

When looking around your home, there is a chance that you have a few baskets; if not, buying them is recommended because of their versatility. A home décor basket is available widely with different materials and styles. Baskets have a lot of functions other than decorating purposes. Here are some ideas of what you can do with them.

Storage Baskets

The most common use of a basket is by treating it as extra storage that keeps your items from cluttering a room. Unlike plain baskets, having a home décor basket as plain sight storage will not be a disturbance to your eyes. You can store woods for your fireplace or use it to store your children’s toys.

Find a basket that fits snugly into an unused corner. Store anything from extra soap to extra sheets to keep your bathroom organized.
The wire basket that hangs over the toilet doubles as a toilet paper holder and an attractive rustic decor.
Roll up your towel for a relaxed look and to help it fit into a round basket.
Instead of weighing down on your sofa, buy a large basket to store blankets and pillows in front of the fireplace.
Instead of constantly moving every item into the room it should be, assign a pretty living room basket to your child’s toys and favorite books.
Buy several baskets to store and organize your little one’s sports equipment including his baseball.
All those fluffy stuffed animals need a home too. Choose a wire basket that can correct them while still showing their cute face.
Keep your baby’s dirty clothes in one place with a pretty basket.
Streamline your laundry system with a basket where the kids can pick up clean sheets or clothes.
All baskets in this mud chamber provide more than adequate storage.

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Hanging Plants Basket

Another idea is to hang the basket and use it to place your potted plants. It creates a fresh scenery to your room and provides fresh air.

If hanging potted plants is too heavy, you might want to consider using air plants. They are lighter; they don’t need much watering, and they will not burden your home décor baskets as well as your wall.

Keep things natural with a lovely hemp hanging basket. It is perfect for giving color to your kitchen corner.

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For larger plants with deeper roots, a larger basket with more depth is more suitable.

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This simple hanging basket is made up of pink Impatiens, but they all look stunning.

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Give your fall hanging basket endurance with a one-two punch of flowering cyclamen and needle grass.
Look for a hanging basket filled with the best pair of bloomers, the violin and sweet alyssum.
This hanging basket features a trio of silvery white plants that transition beautifully from fall to the holiday season.
Choose baskets in a single color to complement the exterior of your home, or take on the action of autumn nature by hanging baskets filled with pansies.
Look for beauties this spring to grow all summer and into fall with hanging basket plants.
It is natural to hang baskets, forming lush balls covered in flowers that look great from spring to fall.
Emulate Mother Nature’s autumn color look and indulge yourself in hanging baskets planted in various colors.

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Entrance Basket

Having a few entrance baskets will improve the convenience of your house, not only for you but also for your guests. Try adding some baskets that act as a décor and places to put their items into. It is a great way to keep items, such as umbrellas, tote bags, gloves, hats, and other necessities.

Another idea is to put a mail basket at the entrance. Once you receive your mails or magazines, you can bring them in and put them in the mail basket for a later review when you are in the mood.

These rugs and wicker basket decorations will help define the entry and add texture and pattern for the final impression.
The small room entrance can easily be transformed into a mini mud room with a few wall hooks, stools and baskets.
Mud chamber with hooks for jackets and dog leashes, basket cans for umbrellas, and galvanized trays for mud boots.
The entrance to this house features a gallery wall of an ever-expanding and timeless collection of ocean-themed oil paintings.
Friendly Dutch doors and pretty baskets create a breezy and relaxed atmosphere at the entrance to this country house.

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Elegant trays, chic boxes and rustic-style baskets make the most of the space and keep it from looking cluttered.
Make the most of your entry with a sleek console table with farmhouse baskets perfect for a small yet stylish look.

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As can be seen from a few of the ideas above, having a home décor basket or a few can elevate your way of living. Apart from serving their purpose as décor, they are also useful!