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4 Items You Can Hang as Wall Art Deco

When you think about wall art, you might immediately think about paintings. If you don’t like paintings and want to add your personal touch, there are other items that you can use to decorate that empty wall space. Here are some ideas of what you can hang on your walls.


If you are bored with anything that requires a frame to hold them, try to hang carpets or rugs. There are many types of carpets based on their materials that suit your personal taste. Apart from types of materials, there is a wide selection of their colors, sizes, patterns, and artful designs. If you choose to install this wall art, you need strong anchors to support it.

This wall decoration adds pattern and texture to your space and brings vintage-inspired elements to your space.
Choose a wall rug with an intricate pattern for a better visual effect throughout the room.
Pack a strong punch against a large wall by hanging a colorful rug. Choose a pattern that complements your art deco room design.
Unexpected materials, like this one, add drama and character to your designs that will help your home really stand out.

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Wall tapestries are the right mix of softness, color and pattern to create a room that is full and beautiful.

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A wall rug brings lovely art deco charm to this Portuguese home style bedroom.
You can add a vintage hanging rug to a white and white living room wall to balance out the vibrant space.

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Another option is to hang mirrors. In design, it is known to make a space larger.

You can select mirrors with different shapes for every room as long as they have similar scales and designs. Another approach of using mirrors as wall decorations is by buying the same shapes with different sizes. Make sure that the mirrors you hang are supported properly and do not wiggle.

An antique mirror from India hangs over the fireplace, capturing light to expand the space and illuminate a relaxing modern decor.
Even if you’re not strictly dividing your room, these art deco-style wall dividers and mirrors are space-saving accents that easily cover a boring wall.

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This round mirror complements a bold, deep jewel color for a modern art deco interior design.

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This art deco mirror and eclectic gallery walls unite the entire space in a unique yet elegant feel.
Round mirrors are in vogue right now and work well with a variety of design styles.

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Using baskets as a way to fill your empty wall space is also a good idea. You can use artisan baskets that can serve as an art as well. Besides, there are many kinds of combinations for an eye-catching and dramatic arrangement. The arrangement itself is a mixture of different sizes, colors, and textures. The baskets can also serve as extra storage.

Stack your folded blankets in the basket next to the sofa. This makes them easily accessible, and also lets you show off their beautiful patterns and colors.
These art deco baskets offer plenty of space for even a king size quilt and are also a visual appeal.

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Some of these decorative baskets are an easy place to tuck in pillows, blankets, and even coffee table books when you need more space.
You can even use the basket as a storage area for your coffee table.
To help clean up quickly and easily, consider adding a few large baskets to your decorating scheme.
Perhaps the most obvious place to add a basket is at your entrance. The space in your home that is most visited by pedestrians.
Instead of throwing throw pillows on the floor, add a basket at the foot of your bed for easy storage of blankets and pillows.

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If you like to browse items online, you might want to consider looking for pretty and artsy plates. There are many designs available that might suit your taste. Some pieces are limited editions, and some can be considered as fine arts. Displaying plates on your wall is an alternative than putting them inside a showcase cabinet.

Let family collections such as your favorite ceramic plates decorate the walls and inspire the design of your entire room.
This guest bedroom with two twin beds, a symmetrical set of tableware to echo the bed color palette.
To fill in the blanks of walls, plates and mirrors is one easy method but the results are very impressive.
Due to their tiny size, dishes can easily fit into tight spaces, such as a kitchen backsplash.
You can use a collection of vintage dishes to add personality and interest to your TV.

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Wall art decoration is more than just paintings and frames. You can use any of your favorite or memorable items for it. After reading these ideas, what are you going to hang on your empty wall space?