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3 Best Ideas of Living Room Without Sofa

As the heart of the house, there is no hesitation that you should make your living room the point of interest. Most people think about the sofa when redecorating the living room. It turns out that you can still obtain a pleasant living room without a sofa.

Removing the sofa from the living room will develop a more spacious look. It is effective if you only have limited space at home. Some ideas below will tell you how to have a comfortable living room without a sofa and chair.

Ethnic Rugs

Ethnic rugs bring the joyful to space. If you have featured this stuff to your living room, there’s no need to add many accessories to make your living room more alive.

A canvas wall decor and some succulents will match well with the unique rugs. You can add other minimalist accessories like a wind chime, photo frames, or a tiny shelf to store your book collections. Don’t hesitate to mix and match anything.

This bohemian living room is a vivid example of a classic pillow set in colorful and patterned quilts around with rustic white wood flooring.

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Put a few comfortable chairs to create a comfortable place for conversation, the rug will also add to the comfort function of your living room.
A daybed and ethnic rug can create a space that is not only great for napping, but also for entertaining a larger group of friends or entertaining in-house guests.
Combine a chaise longue and a rug with portable floor cushions, and your living room will be able to handle just about anything.

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A large lounge chair is an excellent substitute for a sofa. They are comfortable and functional. At the same time, a good leather lounge chair provides a lot of decor value as well.

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To visually compensate for the lack of a sofa, you can successfully use a statement chair in your living room.
In the design of this living room, a round chair is used, and made for it in a small room. Of course, you need to take care of extra seating without a sofa.

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Pops of Pillows

In case you like a monotonous carpet, you can just add pops of color through tiny pillows. Rectangular pillows are so fluffy you don’t need any sofa anymore.

You can pick some pillows in contrasting colors or white pillows with various patterns. The combination of the white rugs and the pillows develop a tender feel.

There is nothing more attractive to visitors in your home than a comfortable living room. The throw of colorful pillows will be the main attraction.
Finding a balance between a comfortable and functional living room is about whether you can style it or not. Without a sofa, pillows of various colors are the main focal point of the living room.

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By placing a few pillows in your living room, you invite everyone to snuggle up and get comfortable. These are the elements that most comfortable living rooms have.

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Build a comfortable feeling with a clean and simple living room design. By focusing on the chairs and a few pillows, your living room will be even more inviting.

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If you need plenty of seating for your living room, then think about hanging two daybeds with lots of throw pillows.

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Bean Bags

Bean bags are considered as a chair substitution in various budget hotels or startup offices. With their psychedelic colors, they make the room more cheerful and inviting.

You can put bean bags in a sunroom and change it into the reading nook, or turn your ordinary living room into a playroom with a football table or ding dong.

You can place a large mattress along the wall and accompany it with a bean bag. Surround the room with lots of plants, and your Zen vacation will be ready.
You can create a nordic vacation like a resort right within your living room with bean bags and natural wood coffee tables.
Place a bean bag on the rug, and mount a multimedia screen on the wall. You can enjoy movie nights in the comfort of your own home even on the laziest of days.
Replace your sofa with a bean bag sofa, and create a youthful look in your living room. You may have to sew such a bag yourself, but it is well worth the effort.

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There are many options besides sofas to make your living room more relaxing. The ideas above will suit a tiny modern house and an apartment. Therefore, you don’t have to stick to the conventional ways in beautifying your home.