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Pretty Lighting Solution: 5 Types of Lamps You Will Fancy

With all types of beautiful lighting fixtures, a table lamp is one perfect lighting solution for almost any room of the house. With 26 to 34 inches tall, table lamps give you a pretty and special ambiance that can lift a certain relaxing mood to your room. Table lamps themselves come in several types. Want to know further? Read on the five types of stunning lighting pieces.

  1. Buffet Lamps

Even if this buffet lamp can’t illuminate the entire house, this slender table lamp is perfect for doing office works or lighting your buffet table. Having a higher height than other types of table lamps, you can choose a traditional buffet lamp, dome-shaped, or modern metal.

The art hangs above a white buffet cupboard accented by clamshell bowls flanked by blue lights.
Smith Large Table Lamps in black metal and glass industrial buffet cabinets in the transitional dining area.
White lights rippled over white and brown buffet cabinets accented by large brass rings and placed against the wall.
A white French buffet wardrobe with decorative lighting in a dining room set beautifully against the white walls.
The dining area is stunning among white buffet lights placed in mirrored buffet cabinets.
The chic dining area features gold abstract artwork topped with Global View Glass Balustrade Lights.

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  • Three-Legged Lamps

This table lamp type offers you a unique and stylish design, and its tripod style makes it sturdy and steady. The three-legged lamps have several base options from wooden, metal, to plastic. The great thing about this item is, it presents extra lightings to your room.

Place it near an armchair or low sofa, but give it plenty of room. The large, brown glass ball softens the light from the Edison bulb inside, producing a soft, moon-like ambient light.
Instead of a pole or base stand, the lamp was placed on a tall wooden tripod. Three-legged stand provides stability and character.

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This is a floor lamp which is also made using almost the same material. This is the perfect example to show you how you can personalize each design and every project.

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This lamp is made using an antique tripod. A pendant socket is threaded through the top of the tripod and then a light bulb is added.
Here’s a tripod floor lamp made using an actual tripod. You will also need a light kit for the project.
The home library is a great place for these floor lamps. And with the look of this construction set, it will look natural next to a desk, desk, or lounge chair.

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  • Swing Arm Lamps

Different from the two previous styles, swing arms table lamps feature an adjustable arm according to your need. This swing arm piece is usually employed for an office desk or crafting counter.  As for the design, they come in various options like round gold brass, long gooseneck, and architect task lamp.

These are plug in wall sconces which means you don’t have to worry about messing up your walls to install them once you’re done decorating.
Another clever black swing arm that fits perfectly into almost any contemporary décor in this room.
With a neat stand, this swing arm wall lamp is great for placing in tight spaces such as between window frames.
With its adjustable arm, this wall reading light can be used comfortably in any reading position.
Crafted from fine white oak, this wall-mounted reading light provides a modern look that’s much softer.

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  • Piano Lamps

Piano lamps are initially made for pianists to light their tablature and instrument without blinding themselves. This type of table lamp features a horizontal bulb and a hood, as well as modern minimalist design. Since the illuminations light directly downwards, you can’t use this lamp to ignite one whole chamber.

The shape of this piano lamp is reminiscent of the many iconic table lamps that have sat on industrial tables in the past decade.

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The bookcase acts as a space divider, hides the small home office and frames the piano corner with sophisticated lighting.

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Having a piano in a room can be very demanding for decoration. With lights that highlight objects, you’ll be able to easily reach them even down to the highest notes.
The guitar storage on the wall above the piano completes the decor look. A red table lamp complements the toned décor layout.
The light bulb dangling over the piano provides the perfect classic ambiance.

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  • Boom Arm Lamps

Boom arm lamps are similar to microphone stands only this one is smaller. Standing tall and having an adjusted swing branch, these items are versatile types. Unlike three-legged lamps, boom arm lamps are quite unstable and a little flimsy. However, these pieces will make your room looks sophisticated and chic.

This swiveling double jointed floor lamp is flexible and is a standout industrial design.
This signal floor lamp is a very distinctive and stylishly not all-purpose industrial choice.
This adjustable and flexible floor lamp is great for work spaces and living rooms. The steel frame comes with an antique silver or bronze finish.
This Floor Lamp is a beautiful minimalist choice for those who want something modern and industrial.

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Although you might already use ceiling lamps, placing table lamps will never be a wrong idea. These lighting pieces don’t only offer you the brightness you need but a fancy and stunning look to your room.