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24 Unique Wood Decoration That Is Both Beautiful and Useful

A wood decoration is a special item when it is compared to any other primal matter. With its natural element and versatile look, many craftsmen use timbers as their basic materials. Nowadays, there are many unique and handy wood decorations you can display at your house. Want to know what our five tops among them? Read on!

  1. Wood Pallet Wall Decoration

Made from recycled used planks, this wall-mounted wall decoration serves as open shelves too. Put pretty ornaments and succulents in this amazing piece. You can place this wood pallet decoration in your patio or living room.

The wall decoration from this palette features a lovely, family-inspired quote.
You can easily turn that palette into an American flag quote.
This wall decoration features the wall art “hello” palette that seamlessly blends modern style with rustic charm.
Here’s another way to spread your freehand drawing and painting skills.
Make the whole wall a work of art. With a wooden pallet, create artwork to create an accent wall.

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  • Wooden Hydroponic Vase

Another beautiful and unique item made from wood is a wooden hydroponic vase. Featuring vintage wooden stand and mini bulb shape vases, you can grow your indoor houseplants in these little pots. Besides serving as decorations, the houseplants can also purify the air.

If you want to try this hydroponic gardening method, you can choose wood as a growing medium.

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The box-shaped container provides a minimalist and natural touch with subtle wood grain.

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Choice of wooden stands for those perfect for small plants. Choose from several varieties to suit your space
These wooden hanging planters are a great way to add interest to any wall in your home.
An adjustable planter like this will add a modern touch to almost any room.

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  • Resin and Wood Decor Ambient Night Light

This wood decoration is so magical because it features impressive and amazing colors. The eye-catching night light is made of high-quality transparent resin and uses solid wood as the base. There are several dreamy color options to light you up while you were sleeping.

This stunning night light is made from pieces of real wood that were damaged, and put back together perfectly using epoxy.
While they won’t light up the entire room, wood resin lamps are more of a work of art that provide lighting according to ambiance and function as decorations for any space.

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In the epoxy wood lamp you will be able to see all the broken edges of the wood jagged, and the light in the epoxy makes everything even more beautiful.

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  • Wooden Crates Storage

You can make these handy pieces by yourself. Simply use unused crates and polished or paint them according to your wish. Then, hang two to three of them on the wall. You can place books, flower pots, mugs’ collection, or photo frames in it.

Use one or even four wooden crates to create a miniature bookcase that fits your needs in a bedroom or even a home office.
Use the chest to make a console table and it will have built-in storage for anything you need to put in and keep out of the corner.
Use a wooden milk or wine box to keep your records organized and ready to play.
There are many ways to actually use a wooden crate in a mud room, from holding boots to a backpack.
Wooden crates are perfect for separating and organizing your garage needs on metal racks.

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  • Wooden Wall Clock

You can uniquely show the time by hanging this wooden wall clock. You will be thrilled by the various designs this item offers—from large farmhouse wooden clock, honeycomb wood clock, mandala laser cut wooden clock, to modern minimalist design wall clock.

This light wood wall clock has a simple design and is the perfect addition to a minimal interior.
This wooden wall clock features laser cut ceilings in famous cities from around the world.
The sides of the graphic numbers surrounding this wooden clock have been painted black to help make it stand out and make it easier to read the time from afar.

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  • Wood Sconces

Create amazing lighting fixtures by installing wooden wall sconces. These pieces come in square and rectangle shapes, offering you a modern and rustic look. You can choose to purchase sconces with light colors or dark wood scheme.

This is a wooden wall lamp with an original round shape, ideal for bedroom decor.

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With natural solid wood and white details, this piece would look great at home among other Nordic inspired décor.
These wooden wall sconces have a cool architectural quality that invites further exploration every time.

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The wood element will add warmth and charm to your house. Besides placing wooden furniture, you can also play with wood decoration ideas. Like the brilliant pieces above, always go for something stunning and practical at the same time.