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Try These 3 Essential Tips for Kitchen Fixtures Placement

When a home is a body, then a kitchen is the heart. This is exactly where the energy is distributed to live. If you’re planning on adding some kitchen fixtures or build a new kitchen, here are some essential placement ideas to keep in mind.

Mind the Distance

First thing first, reduce the traffic. Kitchen is like a small factory. You need to stand in the middle of your desk, then go to the fridge, go to the sink, and so on. Therefore, traffic is a good move to get your job done.

After that, make a distance between kitchen fixtures. Preparation is a crucial job in cooking. You might chop garlic, onion, or shallot on a clean kitchen countertop and don’t want to put them near the sink.

It is not only to get the cleanliness but also improve your mobility. More than that, your kitchen will be easy to clean.

This kitchen is a space that is meant to be pleasing, inviting and enjoyable without compromising on any amenities.
The layout between one another is ideal so that you will have no trouble reaching for kitchen utensils for cooking
Floor-to-ceiling sleek black cabinets provide plenty of storage, while the large island is the perfect place for the whole family to gather to eat.
Wolfe and Miele’s tools and the wide path around the island make your kitchen work that little bit easier.
Bronze fixtures and decorations stand out against the black hood and benches.
Mid-century modern with a hint of Spanish style using tiles with a bold encaustic look in black and white to pair beautifully.
This kitchen kitchen is designed to be a functional space that features a deep sink and stainless steel appliances, gorgeous green cabinets and a wooden dining table that can accommodate six people.
Light wood cabinets keep dishes and utensils within easy reach, while a long table with five wicker chairs invites everyone to sit down.

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Use Vertical Storage

After the big part is in the right position, now put the little one accordingly. It includes where to hang cookware, utensil, or even dishware.

Using vertical storage for small appliances will improve lots of room. Thus, you don’t need to invest too much on cabinets. Instead, you can install a bigger oven or fridge.

If it is not enough, you can also use the wall to make storage, like overhead shelves.  It will be a good place to keep your garlic powder, sugar, or even peanut.

A coffee maker, water dispenser, and speed oven are all in it, which makes the display less bulky.
The prettiest items are on display on wall-to-wall reclaimed wood shelves and booths so that less attractive essentials can be stored in the cupboards.
Instead of keeping your utensils, like a toaster or microwave, in plain view, work with your contractors and designers to find cool ways to hide them.
Line up old filing cabinets or lined work benches as a temporary buffet or console table.
Hang cooking utensils and cutting boards on the stove for easy access but to remove when not in use.
A dish rack and pot rack showcase your collection while also keeping these items out of the way.
Floating shelves on either side of the window offer space for plates and glasses. Don’t worry if you have very little wall space to work with.
When the space under your kitchen sink opens up and you don’t want to splurge on new custom cabinets, reuse old linens and hang them as curtains.
Do not limit storage to areas within arm’s reach. A sliding staircase helps you reach the ceiling-high cabinets.

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Use L-shaped Kitchen

L-shaped kitchen is probably the most used kitchen in the world because it has a precise distance between the sink, stove, or kitchen countertop. Also, it is easier to organize or store your kitchenware.

Besides efficiently keeping kitchen fixture using a corner, this design also lets you maximize the opposite corner to design. You can even have a dining table or another kitchen table here.

If your L-shaped kitchen is large enough to accommodate it, an island is a great addition for entertainment and additional space.
An island with a ceiling-mounted pan rack and rack solves the problem, adding extra storage for dishes and cookware.
L-shaped kitchens are often open enough to accommodate a small table, creating a relaxing space for family dining. This contemporary kitchen features a table and island with additional seating.
An entryway connects this L-shaped kitchen to the backyard, opening up space and making outdoor entertainment easy.
This L-shaped kitchen layout makes it spacious enough to accommodate a wheelchair. The lowered table on the island is also wheelchair accessible.
By minimizing the number of cabinets on the walls, you can keep this kitchen light and airy. Basic drawers and cupboards still provide plenty of storage space.
Stone walls and floors balance the stainless steel elements and keep the room cool.

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Not that difficult, huh? Now, get the planning started because these kitchen fixtures tips are nothing if you don’t do it. So, happy cooking!