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27 Chic Home Office Design in 2020 You Should Try

Looking for a home office design which suits you the best? Take a look at these chic home office designs you definitely should try for the sake of 2020.

COVID-19 pandemic inevitably changes our lives. During the quarantine period, most workplaces are closed down, and working from home has become a new normal. Some companies like Facebook, for example, state that they will permanently do this. If this cause is also occurring to your work life, check these chic home office designs.

Ultra minimalistic home office

Let’s be clear. Working from home is mostly done by those who worked using the internet that everything is digitalized. It means most of your works are inside your laptop or computer. Besides, it also means that you can avoid paperwork or stuff.

That is why this ultra-minimalistic home office came. It offers a simple and minimal attitude that reflects on today’s lifestyles.

So, what’s the thing? It’s just a neat smooth table, a laptop, a pencil cup, a notebook, a tiny house plant, a lamp, and a glass of sparkling water. That’s what ultra-minimalist doing.

The modern table features a black table and a brass frame while a warm copper glow shines from its pendant lamps and dazzling side tables.
Tambahkan beberapa rak penyimpanan dan rak meja, stopkontak dan tempat duduk yang cukup, Anda mendapatkan kantor rumah yang mudah diakses, lengkap, dan kompak.
This innovative home office idea lets you enjoy outdoor views and natural lighting by the table window.
Pastels are soft and cool to the eye, their tones won’t clash with the neutral and cool ambiance of a minimalist interior.
This sophisticated home office features a basic desk, light gray floors, warm wooden shelves that cover the entire wall, and a Scandinavian copper chandelier.
The built-in table and storage shelves are designed to complement the space while the all-white walls keep the corner bright and spacious.
The black walls of this black home office interior decorate the drama. A solid wood table, practical chairs and minimal accents, this space exudes serious business and efficiency.
The head office is free from distractions and visual distractions. The walls and floors are lined with hardwood planks, the tables are sleek black, streamlined and stylish, the cabinets are seamless, and the wide windows provide natural light.
This modern home office features black-and-gray walls, a light rug, a white ceiling, and light curtains.

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Clean and bright space-saving office

The year of 2020 may also increase our sustainability and wellness lifestyle. Therefore, clean and bright is a statement for stress-free work life.

This attitude is now combined with a functional furniture approach that saves some spaces. After all, we don’t need to invest much space for home office.

So, try using a multi-function desk like an integrated bookshelf and a tabletop. Just bring your firm chair and a cozy footstool, and everything is all set.

Sneak in desks, chairs, and some office accessories and storage so you have a place to step back to work on assignments, write letters, or read the newspaper.

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Faces the table towards the window for optimal light and a glare-free computer screen. Make simple, practical changes like this one quickly and at no cost.
This vibrant home office features a wall-mounted desk to save floor space. Insert modular shelves on top for additional storage and display.
Get creative with your seating arrangement. This budget-friendly desk chair hack can be done without a big expense.
Add a touch of eclectic character to your home office with a curated gallery wall.
Add a touch of animal print to your own space for a fun and flavorful finish.
Balance this structured space with feminine touches of pink and gold. Replace knobs or lighting fixtures on your own to get the look.
Turn a guest bedroom into a cheerful home office with a DIY desk and plenty of storage space.
Color your largest storage area black or dark blue to achieve this aesthetic.

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Modern rustic office

2020 is not all white and bright minimalist. Modern rustic is also a bold choice if you want to invest in a warm vibe that encourages focus and energy.

A bold wood desk is always a good choice, and a slim leather armchair is better. You can also add a patterned rug and textured curtains. Besides, a dusty neutral palette wall and floor are a hospitable reception.

If you are a professional that always meets clients, this design is a wise move. Remember, this is a modern rustic, so you don’t need to bring overstuffed furniture.

This gray home office feels like the prototype for a simple country house office where every element feels vintage.
To give your country office freshness, bring along a white wardrobe or custom white walls that will give your wood office a new glow and make it a fun space to work in.
The dim atmosphere of this office space is a great corner of creativity for those who prefer to work in dark spaces. Make the most of it by placing the table in the center and adding some greenery for a more vibrant effect.
If your home office is very small, it’s best to use a few simple benches with smaller desks to ensure the space remains open and breathable.
Bringing natural nuances into our living spaces is what makes rustic decor so popular. Take your farmhouse office to the next level by decorating with some simple tree branches.
Mixing rustic and industrial décor is a true treat, but even more so when you place your table next to a window and admire it in the sun.
Don’t be afraid to add some color to your country office – the colors really enhance that rustic feel and give the space a much-needed boost, so your work area can look a little more diverse.
Choosing wood in a lighter color greatly contributes to the overall feel of a room that is peaceful and cool, making it a very pleasant space to work in.
A home office with exposed brick and a rustic interior will create a blend of raw construction materials and natural wood chips, creating a unique and bold creative angle.

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Seems very easy, right? Those are some chic home office design in 2020 you should try.

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