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Warm Up Your Recreational Room with These 3 Color Ideas

Splashing new colors to your recreational room needs dedication. Why? That’s because you are going to splash the room where you and your family gather to watch TV, talk, and play games every single day. That’s why: don’t mess it up. Here are some tips to warm up your recreational room according to your needs and characters.

Mustard Yellow Scheme

To pick what color best for your recreational room, you need to know your activities first—what that you and your family often do here.  Do you prefer to use it for playing games or just sitting down and watching TV?

If watching TV while talking is your tradition, try using a mustard yellow scheme to get a traditional and warm look. Moreover, this color is very welcomed to get paired with other stuff, such as a wide white sofa or small brown shelves.

More than that, some house plants or photo frames will be a good match. Add some textures for the carpet or cushions to get the maximum warm.

Pair bright, sparkling mustard with calming neutrals and cooler colors, like grays.
With a few soothing blues, bold patterns, and a touch of mustard, you’ll find a cozy yet stylish place to kill time.
With soft neutrals and surprising mustard additions, you’ll have a loft or home office space in its own right.
Accent walls covered in mustard work great for smaller spaces, especially those that get natural light from the windows. This creates a sparkling, sparkling essence.
This sophisticated, timeless, and slightly prepster-styled room can be created with a few tedious features. On the contrary, that one, the mustard chair stole the show and turned the room off to a stop.
You rarely see a little mustard in the nursery. So why not add some surprising flair with a rocking chair, children’s reading chair, or throw rug can help.

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While you may feel hesitant to paint your walls bright yellow, a deep yellow can add a peaceful glow to your room.

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Sage Green Scheme

If your family is the quiet type that likes reading books, watching movies, or having serious talks, a sage green scheme will be a great option. The meaning of the color itself is to express wisdom. Perfect for your recreational room, right?

To get a more dramatic tone, boost it up with dusty white sofas and black furniture. You can also pair it with brighter hues to get a bolder look. However, again, don’t be afraid to add some small stuff, like colorful flowers in a vase or uninviting muted red cushions.

Thus, gather around with a peace and calm tone color that makes you happier in the recreational room.

This room features a relaxing holiday ambiance with grassy walls accentuating unique prints.
The subtle palette of soft neutrals and pinks pairs easily with the olive wall in this pretty room.
A master sage feel of elegance with hand painted wallcovering accented walls.
This sunroom benefits from a nature-inspired palette, which blends outdoor greenery with rich sage walls.
The master bedroom is based on tranquility with rich sage walls to complement the monastery style space.

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Shades of Blue Scheme

If you want to get a fun, joyful, or chill look, try using shades of the blue scheme. This color gives an enormous light and airy vibe, so everything feels very soothing.

Again, this color can be perfectly combined with neutral colors like pale white sofas or creamy curtains. Thin dark or yellow scheme furniture is also a good companion.

Icy blues presents a clear sky in the room. With high gloss varnish for a mirror-like finish.
The blue nuance has a hint of gray in it, it makes it even more calming.
This room is soft color tones that provide a feeling of relaxation and overall healing that is perfect for any bedroom or nursery design.
The lacquered blue walls help to brighten up the living space of this apartment.
The tones in this room strike a great balance between bold and bright but are also quite livable. It’s also a great backdrop for other bold colors.
This sitting room is inspired by the subtle blue found in this painting hanging in the Museum about this muted turquoise.
This blue color almost feels neutral due to its soft, soft qualities and works well in our open concept space to add a bit of drama without feeling intense.
This library offers rich jewelry box care in an elegant navy blue color.
The pigment is so rich that it sometimes reads as if there is a hint of periwinkle in the blue and from other angles it is really dark blue. This adds a lot of depth when used on furniture that most other paints can’t achieve.

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Interesting, right? Those are some color schemes to warm up your recreational room.