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5 How to Elegantly Easy Decorate Your Stairs

Decorating your stairs is probably the last thing you think about when remodeling your house. However, just like the other crucial and versatile parts of the house, staircases should be well-decorated as well. Here are some inspirations to easily decorate your staircase.

Modern Gold Railing

More than just for a safety feature, a staircase railing can make a statement of the whole design. Upgrade the look by adding a gold railing and create the style that will last for years as a chic alternative to more commonly seen wooden ones.

This two-story foyer boasts marble floors, marble staircases, ornate wrought iron railings, and a fabulous chandelier that echoes the gold accents found on handrails.

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If you want to update your staircase, go for a modern look with a matte gold banister which will be in trend for years.
The trick here is to pair the concrete surface with organic elements such as wood and highly shiny materials like gold.
Another way for modern staircase ideas that will leave your home feeling open is to build glass banisters with gold frames.

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Gallery Treatment

Think about the best place to create your dream gallery wall? Design your best layout, from the simple wall art to your best family pictures, and make the most of your empty and dull stairwell.

Get rid of the darkness with bright paint on the walls and warm details with photo frames and vintage lighting fixtures.
The entrance flows seamlessly into the living room thanks to the sisal rugs and gallery walls running along the stairs.
Silhouette walls and dog portraits add to the collected charm of this space.
Antique portraits line the steps of this farmhouse and create a unique look. The quirky lineup is also a great conversation starter.
Place ladder runners to add pattern and interest to your steps. The gallery on the wall is also a never-dull focal point.
A nautical rope helps as a smart alternative to standard handrails. It is opposite the gallery wall which makes this room interesting.
Hang a small piece of art on the steps for an unexpected and jaw-dropping visual appeal.

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Built-in Shelves

For book readers, why don’t you take advantage of the little nook under your stairs? Transform it into a mini-library that is versatile and lovely. You can also display your favorite albums, art books, and prints.

Generating more space, this table, bookcase and staircase alternative exudes sophistication.
Keep your staircase looking minimalistic, with overlapping library shelves like this one.
Eye-catching and a collection of books, this rising wooden structure reads between each level of the stairs.
Line up the bookshelves with your ladder, making the two look like one. White and wood fool the eye into elegant simplicity.
These wooden blocks store books in a few steps. Black block table gets access within reach of a hand.
Fly to the sky with bookshelves hanging like balloons. Two-stringed string drew each level, while large Chinese lanterns lit up the room.

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Stair Runners

A bare staircase can be slippery, but covering them with carpet is a bit dated. No worries because you can add stair runners. To select the best runners, consider several things: the overall size of the stair, the number of steps, and the size of landing (if any). Wool material is the most recommended for runners.

Add a pop of color to your space with a multi-colored rug runner on the stairs for a fresh look.
A bold patterned rug runner can add visual interest to a neutral space.
If your room is already filled with colors and patterns, use a neutral textured runner rug to lower the stairs while still adding interest.
Mimicking the lines on the wall with the lines on a carpet base helps to hold the space together.
This teal carpet runner accentuates the teal color on the printed wallpaper.
A neutral carpet runner can soften a bright, bright wall color.
This patterned carpet runner with brass stair rods draws your attention to the sweeping staircase, enhancing the grandeur of the entrance.

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Colorful Risers

You can add wallpaper to decorate the stairwell. However, colorful temporary wallpaper can also be applied to the stair steps to create a fun decoration. If you love to experiment with new colors, try a unique, different print for each step. You can also use leftover wallpaper to apply on your stair risers.

A fun idea to decorate a staircase is to start with a bright color like yellow and gradually achieve shades like green, turquoise, and finally blue.
You can use chalkboard paint on your steps. Then use colored chalk to write a fun or inspiring message.
If you prefer a playful approach, paint each riser a different color. You can choose pastel colors and mix and match them however you like.
Or maybe you want to infuse a little Mediterranean style into your staircase. You can use small square tiles that feature a variety of colors, patterns and designs.
You can choose any type of pattern. Something a little cute and adorable can work well in a girly décor or for a staircase leading up to a nursery.

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These are some inspiration on how to decorate your stairs in the easiest ways. Having a plain staircase is so yesterday, get up and start decorating right now.