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22 Cute Baby Room for Small Spaces You Should Try

Having a baby in times of Instagram era is a bit frustrating. One hand, we want to have an intimate life. On the other hand, we want to show people that we have a cute baby. Well, it’s bringing up another consequence, the display! If this is you, take a look at these cute baby rooms, especially if you’re looking the one for small spaces.

Cot in the closet

Sounds creepy rather than cute, right? The thing is, you will ditch all your closet doors and change them with curtains. Then, you can figure out what’s staffing plan you will take.

For example, you can try adding a cot in the middle of the closet. On the upper or lower staff, you can keep the diapers, tissues, baby creams, wipes, or even toys.

This design is perfect for people who want to make a simple change but very effective. With this, you can focus or less focus on other stuff, like decorating the wall, ceiling, or floor.

A hall wardrobe, which used to store clothes for the couple, is now a small nursery for the house owner’s son.

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Soft blue walls, built-in shelves, and a circus vibe make this space at once calming and colorful.
The bright vintage feel is accented with scalloped lace, giving the baby girl a feminine corner of her own in this nursery.
Removing the poles to hang clothes makes the perfect indentation for the crib, and the placement of the curtains and the phone makes the space look intentional.
This room has a cot that is actually attached to the wardrobe, complete with storage shelves under and above the bed.

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Cuteness on the wall space

Utilizing your walls with nursery staff can be cute, too. The thing is, you will use decorative hooks and cute storage bags as a display. Plus, hanging them on the wall only takes a small amount of space.

You can start with a cloth laundry hamper as your storage bags. Fill them with diapers, tissue, or clothes, and then hang them on the wall. For non-clothes or things like baby oil, cream, or lotion, you can stack them on the shelf.

The suspended baby crib is a modern baby room furniture design inspired by the traditional crib.
This suspended crib swing can comfort the baby when they wake up and help make baby sleepy when it’s time to rest.
Modern swing swings often have legs, but there are great hanging swing swings that are a great alternative.
You can hang a crib pendant model near your bed for the night, then hang it outdoors or in another room.
The modern baby swing is designed to rock back and forth to the side. The suspended cradle can also rock the baby back and forth.
This modern swing swing is charming and makes a true decor for a nursery design. This baby cradle swing has a canopy that looks adorable and romantic.
Portable and hanging cribs are good quality baby room furniture designed precisely for safety.

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Smart storage for stuff and display

If you like the idea of hanging stuff, now you can elevate them with some effort. Here, you are going to build smart storage that takes up lots of spaces.

Begin with stuff that you don’t really need, but it will always be there—like toys! You can have it because your baby is not going to play with them until they are two. However, for now, make them as a display.

For example, you can use hanging closet crates. With this, you can put larger stuff like dolls, cars, or toys on the above, and smaller stuff like nursery supply on the below.

Stack some old crates or boxes and place them on the sides so they can double as open cubes.
This way, you’ll have three drawers of storage space for toys, clothes and essentials without having to buy more furniture.
Use a coat rack on the wall to hang a dress costume or hat. This will free up more space in bins and drawers.
There are so many fun options out there that can even turn something mundane, into something interesting and inspiring.
Woven baskets are not only practical, but also do not completely spoil the view in a room.
Look for cute items that will add a bit of interest to your storage, like this asymmetrical shelf unit.
Instead of keeping the dress up in a plastic bin or suitcase, put it on display. Make DIY clothes racks to make playtime even more special.
Hang pegboards in your child’s room and use caddies to store diapers, toiletries, or socks and other accessories.

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Create a striking feature wall that’s also a practical place to store books and toys with wall-to-wall picture frames.
Just use masking tape to separate the areas you want to paint and let your creativity run wild.

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Easy, right? Those are some cute baby room you should try.